The World Junior Championship and the Olympic Qualifying Tournament have already their mascot

Events such as the World Junior Championship and Olympic Qualifying Tournament are around the corner and like any other big sports event, a mascot must be present. introduce it to you. ESPAÑOL



Soon, the qualified athletes to the Olympic Youth Games Nanjing 2014 will be known and a new edition of the World Junior Championship will be carried out. explains to you the logo and introduces to you the official mascot of the events.

The idea of the logo is born in the postures of the human body in Taekwondo practice, as well as in the traditional Chinese calligraphy. The logo consists of two Taekwondo athletes doing a high kick; in the center of the silhouettes they show the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, which is a landmark for Taiwan.

The mascot is called Buddy and it is a leopard. It is friendly, hospitable and passionate. The idea comes from the pet tattoos of the Taiwan aborigines, symbolizing the warrior. Buddy likes to eat meatballs, a Taiwanese specialty; so Buddy dresses a unique Taekwondo uniform which alludes to a meatball in his head.

Buddy loves to make friends, and that is why his name is “Buddy” as the English word for “friend” is also “buddy”. At the same time China is inviting to all the friends of the world to come to Taipei to enjoy the party that will represent those important sports events.  Buddy is the perfect name for their mascot. will have a complete coverage for these events.  We have already started!!!


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