Mexico, again in the center of the Taekwondo world

Just after the WTF council meeting finished, masTaekwondo.com spoke exclusively with the President of the Mexican Federation, who was very happy about the next big events to take place in Mexico in the near future.



As masTaekwondo.com had already informed, Mexico will host the Final Grand Prix, the World Cup Team Championships, as well as the World Poomsae Championships. This was confirmed at the meeting of the WTF Executive Council taking place in Chinese Taipei where a masTaekwondo.com professional team is doing a complete coverage.

“Mexico will host many important events as the Final Grand Prix, the Panamericcan Games, the World Cup and the World Poomsae Championships.  We are confident that each one of them will be successful and that is the reason why the WTF has put its confidence in our country and in our Federation”, said Juan Manuel Lopez, President of the Mexican Federation.

“As you know, we have an excellent infrastructure, and a very important thing is that we have the government support, not only federal but in each city we have the support of the City Mayor.  This kind of support is very important because it helps us to present our applications knowing and trusting that we will have the economical and logistical support.  Additionally, we have an excellent group of professionals working by my side, struggling to make each event successful.”  Said López proudly.

“Thanks to the promotion and diffusion that MasTaekwondo.com has made, México is now considered an excellent event organizer, and in the sports area, Mexican athletes are considered very competitive nowadays”.

“We promise that all the events will be historical.  We will make sure that each event will be different from what you saw before.   The Final Grand Prix will be much more spectacular.  The World Poomsae Championships will be carried out in elevated platforms, a lot of cutting edge technology and huge screens.  That will be very attractive to the people.”  López continued.

“One additional aspect that makes Mexico different from any place in the world is that the spectators fill the stands, and they are very emotional and spontaneous.  I consider that this is one of the important issues that WTF took into consideration when they took the decision of awarding us the host cities.  Mexican people are very excited about the coming events”.

“For the Final Grand Prix, we are planning to make a special Gala Dinner in which all the best athletes from all over the world will be honored and awarded.  As MasTaekwondo.com has great influence in the Taekwondo world, you could help us to make a kind of survey to see who the best in each category is, and this will serve as a reference for the WTF award.” continued López.

Very proudly, Lopez said that these events will make Mexico the “World Capital of Taekwondo” during various months.

Finally, as an exclusive for MasTaekwondo.com López presented the Logo for the World Poomsae Championships and confirmed his trust in our digital media to continue working together.


logo poomsae

Exclusive Alex Korram



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