MasTaekwondo starts to send signals from Chinese Taipei Team has started their activities from different points in Chinese Taipei:  The Grand Hotel, Youth Activity Center, the accreditation center of accreditation are among some of the places we visited. ESPAÑOL

Before the core program starts tomorrow with the WTF Council Meeting, we visited many places to give you every detail of what is happening in Chinese Taipei.

Before we started our tour, we wanted to admire the landscape, which by the way was not possible due to a foggy day, that did not let us see even the “Taipei 101”  So we started in the Youth Activity Center  with the training sessions of some national teams:  Argentina , Colombia , Croatia , Serbia and others.




Later we decided to visit the accreditation and registration center, as usually working in every aspect of the process flawlessly and quickly, a system that was already put in test during the Worlds in Puebla, Mexico and continues working out perfectly.




We could not miss the venue in which these important competitions, the reason of our being here, will take place, the astonishing Taipei Arena, a first-class scenario that has absolutely nothing to envy to any other in the world. We had access to all corners of the stadium, including the operating room where be installed for the next ten days.




Finally on our way back to the hotel, we attended the referee training session where Chakir Chelbat, Director of the Referee Committee gave a speech on competition rules to be applied.





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Alex Korram, Exclusive

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