Joel Gonzalez gives us his opinion on the "electronic headgears"

The two-time World Champion and Olympic Champion, Joel Gonzalez, spoke exclusively to in last week´s “Full Access Pass” program, and gave his opinion on the “electronic head gears” ESPAÑOL



Gonzalez was recently operated due to a knee injury that obliged him to give half his capacity during the last 2013 World Championships in Puebla, México.  Now is working on his recovery.

He talked with on about the “electronic headgears” that will be tested during the next US OPEN.  Here is what he told us.


Joel, what is your opinion about the electronic headgears?

Well, the idea is good.  Look, when they started with the Video Replay, I thought it was a great idea as long as the correct shots were made. In my opinion, there were no mistakes in the London Olympics but of course there were great cameras and everyone was very attentive and so the result was perfect.  Now, the head gears…we must try them … My question is what level will be used,  what will happen when you touch the rival´s face but not the headgear,  how would the referees would handle that situation.  I don´t know … we will see how it works.


What do you think, is this a benefit to the athlete or a WTF marketing strategy?

Well, if it is done right it is ok for me.  Whatever they do to eliminate subjectivity in a combat I think it’s good.  It was demonstrated that when they implemented the body protectors that it represented a breakthrough in our sport and it eliminated subjectivity and human errors in the refereeing performances.  So if the headgears work, our sport will definitely develop and will represent a step forward.   But personally I have some questions, as I told you before, what will happen when you make a kick to the front of the head or how will it work  with punches.   I see it as a benefit to the athlete.


When the electronic protector was implemented the combat strategy had to be changed.  Do you think that the strategy will have to be changed because of the electronic headgears? 

I think so.  It all will depend on how they will score points by kicks in the head.   Like many teams in the world, we have made many changes.  I remember in 2008, I was competing with normal protectors, then in 2009, I was competing with Adidas; the World Championships with LaJust, and so on… we have been adapting to the different situations.  I think this evolution keeps all the athletes in a constant adaptation to new equipment and strategies.  As I said, if the new equipment helps to eliminate human error and subjectivity, it will be positive for the sport and for the athletes themselves.   Everyone will have to adapt and at the end the best will win.


Would you like to add something?

I wish you a lot of success.  I know is a world leader and a reference of Taekwondo in many countries, especially for Spanish-speaking countries.  The work you are doing is excellent and   I am sure the work of the athletes, coaches, leaders and you, as a Taekwondo specialized media, will make our sport even more excellent.  During the last Olympics, people were able to appreciate and enjoy Taekwondo, and I would like to thank you, guys, because you work for the diffusion of this sport.


Alex Korram, Exclusive


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