Brazil Taekwondo National Team renewed

As exciting and surprising was defined the event in which the Taekwondo Brazilian Confederation renewed almost all the team for 2014. ESPAÑOL



2014-02-19_74185x_Grand-Slam-2014The event took place this past weekend in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo and meant the renewal of 75 % of the national team.

There were about 130 combats among 150 athletes coming from all regions of Brazil and only 32 athletes made it to the A and B National Teams to represent Brazil during this year.

The level was so high and balanced that only four athletes were able to maintain their place in the national team : Guilherme Dias (-58Kg ), Henrique Precioso (-74Kg ), Iris Tang Sing (-46Kg ) and Julia Vasconcelos (-62Kg ) .

On the other hand, some  of the athletes that were substitutes last year made it to the A team as the case of:  Venilton Torres (-54Kg ), Lucas Ferreira (-87Kg ) and young Ana Carolina Souza, who defeated in the final the world champion -73kg, Natália Falavigna, who became a substitute for this year.

Another strong name that this year will not be in the team is to Diogo Silva (-68Kg), who got fourth place, as the Feather division was won by Gustavo Almeida and the substitute is Breno Pinheiro.

One of the most exciting matches was performed in the -58 kg category by Guilherme Dias and Marcio Wenceslau , who fought for a place in the team for the third consecutive year and once again was won by the young Dias.


Following, the results:


FIN Female (-46 Kg.)

1) Iris Tang Sing (AP)

2) Valeria Rodrigues (GO)


FIN Male (-54 Kg.)

1) Venilton Torres (AP)

2) João Miguel Neto (PR)


FLY Female (-49 Kg.)

1) Jamila Tanna (SP)

2) Leidiane Santos (SP)


FLY Male (-58 Kg.)

1) Guilherme Dias (DF)

2) Marcio Wenceslau (SP)


BANTAM Female (-53 Kg.)

1) Gabriela Toledo (PR)

2) Diana Freitas (SP)


BANTAM Male (-63 Kg.)

1) Charlles Maiolli (ES)

2) Felipe Kenji (PR)


FEATHER Female (-57 Kg.)

1) Josiane Lima (PA)

2) Talita Fernandes (SP)


FEATHER Male (-68 Kg.)

1) Gustavo Souza (SP)

2) Breno Pinheiro (PR)


LIGHT Female (-62 Kg.)

1) Julia Vasconcelos (SP)

2) Fernanda Souza(SP)


LIGHT Male (-74 Kg.)

1) Henrique Precioso (SP)

2) Nickollas Ribeiro (SP)


WELTER Female (-67 Kg.)

1) Raphaella Galacho (AP)

2) Debora Nunes (SP)


WELTER Male (-80 Kg.)

1) André Bilia (SP)

2) João Chaves (PR)


MIDDLE Female (-73 Kg.)

1) Ana Carolina Souza (RJ)

2) Natalia Falavigna (PR)


MIDDLE Male (-87 Kg.)

1) Lucas Ferreira (ES)

2) Douglas Marcelino (RJ)


HEAVY Female (+73 Kg.)

1) Erica Ferreira (MG)

2) Hellorayne Paiva (SP)


HEAVY Male (+87 Kg.)

1) Maicon de Andrade (SP)

2) Guilherme Felix (ES)





2014-02-19_74185x_BRA_Natalia-Falavigna_ Team


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