Australian Champion Carmen Marton Hopes to Reach Rio 2016

Carmen Marton is Australia's the first ever World Taekwondo Champion, to name some of her achievements, she won silver at both the 2001 and 2003 Junior Asian Championships. In 2002, at the age of 16 she won a silver medal at the World Cup in Tokyo, Japan. In 2004 she won a bronze at the Asian Championships Seoul Korea.


Australia has it’s own champion, who is training hard and assiting to all  qualifying events to reach Rio 2016.

According to , with training like this its little wonder Carmen Marton attributes much of her success to her training partners, brother Jack and sister Caroline.

“They’ve always been pushing me…[they’re] world-class athletes themselves,” says Carmen.

Caroline says have a strong support team is key to maintaining the dedication needed to reach the top.

“We get battered, we get bruised,” says Caroline. “It’s quite easy to lose heart.”

Marton was born in Melbourne to Polish refugees and her father introduced her to Taekwondo as soon as she was old enough.

June’s world championship win was something she’s dreamed of all her life, with just 4 seconds on the clock and scores tied against Korea Kim Huy Lan she produced a career defining moment.

It still makes me feel emotional,” says Carmen. “I want to be the best.”

She met partner Safwan Kalil when she was just a teenager and in 2009 converted from Catholicism to Islam. A step she calls a natural progression.

“[The] stories are the same [which] was really surprising to me,” says Carmen.

Marton heads to America this weekend for the latest in a series of qualifying events just to reach Rio. Team



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