Man Soon Jung, the newly nominated president of Kukkiwon

Man Soon Jung, President of Choongbuk Taekwondo Association and board member at Kukkiwon, has been nominated to be the new President of Kukkiwon.



According to a Korean news article, Kukkiwon have appointed Man Soon Jung, the President of Choongbuk Taekwondo Association as an acting president of Kukkiwon on January 6th.

The newly nominated acting president started working on the 7th of January, despite the requirement of an approval by Kukkiwon’s board meeting. However the good relationship between most board members and the new acting president will pave a smooth path for his approval.

Mr. Jung, who started training Taekwondo in middle school, has been awarded several medals and commendations by the Korean government though his activities. These include  being an international master at El Salvador in the 1970’s, international referee at 2nd Asian Taekwondo Championships, Coach at 3rd World Taekwondo Championships, director at World University Taekwondo Championships, Hiroshima Asian Game competition president, head of GyungJu World Taekwondo Championships, and so forth.

Moreover, he has served 32 years at Chungju University as a physical education professor and a dean of college of education, before retiring. Currently, he is the president of Choongbuk Taekwondo Association and a board member at Kukkiwon.

Kukkiwon’s many,and accumulating, tasks are now the main focus of leadership for the newly-nominated president.



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  1. Through his long experiences on this field .He is suitable for the president of kukkiwon .
    Dr.Noun Samphea
    President of Cambodian Taekwondo association .

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