Kazakhstan President will receive Dan from Dr. Chongwon Choue

President From Kazakhstan will receive the highest Dan by World Taekwondo Federation President, Dr. Chongwon Choue, for the support given by the government to its taekwondo fighters.



As Russian president Vladimir Putin once received this award, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev will receive the highest (ninth) dan in taekwondo in Ak Orda Palace on January 21, by World Taekwondo Federation president Dr. Chungwon Choue.


As per vestnikkavkaza.net, the Korean delegation will stay in Astana for four days. It will observe the city and see performances of the best Kazakh taekwondo fighters. President Nazarbayev will receive the ninth dan for the support given by the government to its taekwondo fighters.

Only four people in the world have received such high dan.



masTaekwondo.com Team




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Did you mean 10th dan? I personally know over four ninth dans, and ninth dan isn’t the highest dan in Taekwondo according to the Kukkiwon promotion regulations, Article 8 and 11, there is a Kukkiwon 10th Dan (and GM Kyo Yoon Lee claims to be one – http://www.gmwons.com/us-han-moo-kwan/).

Or did you mean only four people have been awarded such high honorary dan (as I assume it’s honorary dan)?