Jean-Marie Ayer: "No organizing committee is obliged to use a specific PSS…”

The discrepancies between which PSS would be used in the Pan American Taekwondo Union events this year have aroused confusion. Jean-Marie Ayer, WTF Secretary General has recently spoken about it. ESPAÑOL



Ji Ho Choi, PATU President issued the 2014 competition calendar which included dates, venues, and the PSS to be used in each competition. Its release caused a stir, as it seems that in all competitions the KP & P PSS will be used.

The contract that PATU president signed with that brand was reflected in the 2014 event calendar event. This leads us to two conclusions:   First, a small group made the decision in a unilateral way. Secondly, there was a lack of communication as it might appear that the organizers of those events were not even consulted before issuing the calendar.

This was inferred from the article recently published by, in which Costa Rica and Canada confirmed that in their events Daedo PSS will be used.

Being the only specialized Taekwondo media committed to the community of world Taekwondo, contacted WTF Secretary General, Jean-Marie Ayer, who gave us his comments about the situation.

2014-01-11_73678x_Jean-Marie-Ayer“No organizing committee is obliged to use a specific PSS, except in the WTF major events where there is a thorough PSS selection process.  During this year, I can name a few:  the World Youth Championship, the Grand Prix Series. Thereafter, they can use any of the brands approved by the World Taekwondo Federation”

As usual, delved more deeply beyond Ayer´s comments, finding a letter sent to all Continental Unions dated December 9, 2013. The letter outlined a request from the WTF, that all national associations interested to host events in 2014 send their applications.

What calls our attention in the letter is the following paragraphs:

“Be advised that, other than the change in the filing process, the basic requirements to receive WTF Sanction must remain unchanged. For instance, equipment to be used at the championships should be selected from any one of the WTF-recognized equipment providers.”

“No additional restrictions or conditions on eligibility may be imposed by the CU without written approval of the WTF.”

It is understood from the above that each organizing committee may use the PSS approved by the WTF they desire.

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Alex Korram, Exclusive

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