GAL: Australia, the first to implement the complete system

Starting January 1st 2014, all athletes competing is state and national competitions in Australia are required to have the WTF Global Athlete Licence (GAL).


Australia has been at the forefront of the WTF’s GMS and GAL initiatives and to further the implementation of this global initiative, Australia will be the first country to make the GAL mandatory for all its state, regional and national competitions.

STA’s President, John Kotsifas stated,

“We have been assisting the WTF in the development of the Global Membership System for a number of years now. We were the first country to fully implement the GMS as our own national membership system so as to provide our members with a comprehensive and revolutionary membership system developed by the WTF. To further our partnership with the WTF, we have now decided to make the Global Athlete licence mandatory for all competitions in Australia from 1st January 2014. This means, that all athletes irrespective of age and belt rank, will be required to have the GAL in order to compete as an athlete in Australia. Further, all Coaches, judges and officials will also be required to have the Global Official Licence (GOL) in order to officiate and coach at any Australian competition”.

“Australia will again be the first country to implement this requirement and we will work closely with the WTF to provide valuable feedback of this important initiative that will be implemented in 2014.

Consequently, in Australia, all ordinary members of STA will hold WTF GMS National membership, all athletes competing domestically, will hold the WTF GAL and all officials, coaches and judges participating at any domestic events will be required to hold a WTF Global Official Licence.

These are all important developments for our sport in Australia and our desire to link our domestic activities to the WTF Global membership system and to further develop our relationship with the WTF”

Jean Marie Ayer, WTF Secretary General expressed his satisfaction with the announcement; “We are very happy to see STA implementing fully the Global Membership System. We completely support them in integrating closer with the WTF. The day when Taekwondo has the most organized and far reaching database of practitioners in all Olympic Sports is a step closer now”.


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Source: WTF Team

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