Did you know, that if you participate in many "G" events,there is a limit to the points you score?

Many athletes may wonder: if they were to go to ten G-1 events,and to five G-2 events and won them all, would they score the total WTF Ranking Points? The answer is “No.” explains the reasons in detail. ESPAÑOL



Again, got in touch with WTF Secretary General, Jean Marie Ayer to talk about this issue.

Each athlete may participate in as many G-1 events as he or she desires, however the WTF Ranking will take the five best results to calculate points in the athlete´s record. Therefore, there is a limit of five alone.

Regarding, G-2 events, the limit is three.  The WTF Ranking will take the best three results to calculate points in the athlete’s record.

We consider this a fair measure, because this process provides a balance betweenthe athletes who cannot attend many G events due to financial issues or travel distances, and the athletes belonging to federations with high financial resources who can attend as may G events as they desire.  The system somehow maintains a fair balance.

It should be noted that although we agree with these adjustments, there are still several questions to be answered with regard to the final record of the WTF ranking points to be scored at the end of each year.  So, how will the ranking be determined through the year?  What ranking will be used to invite athletes to the Grand Prix series?  What parameters will be used to seed athletes in the various official competitions?

This and more information about G Events, you can find it only in  


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  1. yeah unfortunately this rule has appeared in the wrong rule book last time i checked, I believe appears in the competition organisation guide instead of the ranking byelaw where it should be. so not many people know about it.

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