2014 Event Calendar and the list of the “G” competitions presents the 2014 Event Calendar approved by the WTF. It is strange that some competitions that have not yet been confirmed are listed and ranked as G-1 or G-2. ESPAÑOL

2014-01-06_73596x_ciegos_HOMEMany of the events listed in the 2014 Event Calendar are ranked as G-1 or G-2, meaning that they have already been approved by the WTF, however reliable sources say some of the events are not even confirmed by the organizers.   The rank “G” means the competition will award WTF Ranking Points.

While this list shows several competitions ranked as “G”, we know from experience that in many cases the events that allegedly awarded ranking points, in fact did not because when checking the official WTF Ranking the month following a competition, the ranking points were unchanged, meaning that the event that was “G” in fact did not award WTF Ranking Points.

To cite a couple of clear and recent cases, we can name the Bolivarian Games that were held in Trujillo, Peru, which was ranked as G-1; in the same classification was the Paris Open, recently held in France. None of these events awarded WTF Ranking Points, however the promotional information said they were G-1.

What certainty gives a calendar like this when negotiating the participation with the sports authorities in each of our countries if later they will cancel or change the events?