MasTaekwondo Asia is coming

Starting today, all the Asian Taekwondo community will enjoy our product as the rest of the world does, through "masTaekwondo Asia", a new franchise joining the big family.



Joining our already consolidated English version, the Korean and Chinese speaking Taekwondo lovers will have access to this new version and all of them will be informed about activities, events, news, interviews regarding Taekwondo world.

While one may think that it should not be difficult to translate a website, having lots of programs that automatically do it, it is very important to inform you that you can be sure that masTaekwondo Asia will not be just a translated site, but a new product specifically produced for Asia.  News, primarily from Asia, and obviously news from all over the world will be the topics covered daily by “masTaekwondo Asia”.

When we see, masTaekwondo +, and now masTaekwondo Asia, we actually see three completely different sites with different news; we don´t see a website translated into several languages.

Contrato_Asia-mTKD_DSC_0688Each version has its own equipment and its own ideas; as a result, we generate about ten daily news, something without precedent within the Taekwondo world.

MasTaekwondo Asia is formed by a group of journalists, photographers and translators that will be responsible for carrying out this new project, directed by Mr. Jacky Lim who will be coordinating and managing this new Asian version of

The agreement of this MASTAEKWONDO SA new product was signed in June in Puebla, Mexico during the World Taekwondo Championships, where Mr. Jacky Lim himself shook hands with Claudio Aranda, CEO of the company.

We are convinced that this new venture will allow us to go further and exceed our main rival who is no other  than itself, that is why we try to generate new proposals, creating for our fans, the products that we wanted to have for ourselves.

It is a great pleasure for us, the whole Family to officially introduce to you “masTaekwondo Asia”



Matías Rojas, Exclusive

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