The WTF restructured its staff in Korea and Switzerland

Dr. Chungwon Choue, President of the World Taekwondo Federation announced the WTF reorganization on November 11, 2013, two months later than originally planned. ESPAÑOL



As had already informed a few days ago, the WTF reorganized its staff in Korea as well as in Lausanne.


The new positions in the main governing body of our sport are as follows:


Mr. Eil Chul Kim (Former Deputy Secretary General of Marketing Department) now tasked for assist foundation of GTSF (Global Taekwondo Support Foundation)

Mr. Corbin Min (Deputy Secretary General for Legal Affairs) now also tasked for supporting President Office, International Affairs Department and Marketing Department

Mr. Jeongkang Seo (Former Sport Director of Sport Department) now tasked for Director of President Office

Ms. Kyunghee Park (Former Senior Manager of Marketing and Communication) now tasked for Director of Lausanne Office responsible for Administration and Finance of Lausanne Office, TV Broadcasting and Social Media Communication

Mr. Jaewook Lee (Former Manager of President Office) now tasked for Sport Director of Sport Department

Ms. Seungmin Lee (Former Manager of Sport Division) now tasked for Director of Marketing Department

Mr. Olof Hansson (Former Deputy Manager of Referee Division) now tasked for Deputy Manager of Sport Department

Mr. Pyunggil Lee (Deputy Manager of PR Division) now also tasked to assist foundation of GTSF

Mr. Marco Ienna (Former Staff of President Office and International Affairs Department) now tasked for Staff of President Office and Sport Department

Ms. Haeri Jeon now tasked for Staff of President Office and International Affairs Department Team

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