The WTF reorganizes its structure

Dr. Chungwon Choue, President of World Taekwondo Federation, announced the WTF’s reorganization on November 11th, 2013, approximately two months later than originally scheduled.  



It seems the WTF carefully considered President Choue’s opinion about the importance of multi-tasking in order to achieve a better outcome by using the two offices of Seongnam (South Korea) and Lausanne (Switzerland) for cooperative work.

The reorganization is as follows.

The referee and the competition department have been united, and so, Marco Ienna and Olof Hansson have been transferred. This department is headed by Jung-Ae Park who has been appointed as Deputy Secretary General with Jae-Wook Lee as acting manager.

The Deputy Secretary General, Eil-Chul Kim has been reassigned to the newly created Foreign Cooperation Department with Pyoung-Gil Lee, the Chief of Public Relations Team. Their new roles include developing Global Taekwondo Support Foundation (GTSF).

Jung-Kang Seo, the former manager of the competition and referee department has been reassigned to the secretary’s office, as the acting Deputy Secretary General.

Corbin Min from the legal department is now supporting the secretary office, international department and marketing department.

Seung-Min Lee, the section chief of the competition department has been promoted as the manager of the marketing department.

The Lausanne office has promoted Kyung-Hee Park, from section chief to head of department in order to manage general affairs. Hae-Ri Jun, has been welcomed as a new staff member after recently completing an internship. The new-recruit process at Lausanne office is now reassigned to Seongnam office to work with the GMS, the international department and the secretary office.

Reorganized WTF announced. November 11th, 2013


The WTF reorganizes its structure_Table  Team



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