Taekwondo will start soon in the Bolivarian Games

Taekwondo will be in action from November 25-28 in the "Huaca del Sol " venue (Mochica-Chimu Sports Complex) in the Bolivarian Games Trujillo 2013 (Peru). ESPAÑOL

2013-11-22_71958x_logo-juegos-bolivarianos-trujillo_250This competition will award points for the official medal table, as this competition is within the Olympic Cycle program, in combat as well as in Poomsae.

The competition will be carried out in the eight world categories both for women and men (16 in total), while in Poomsae, the competition will be carried out in Individual, Pairs, Teams and Team Freestyle.

The Bolivarian Games are a multi-sports event that takes place at a regional level every four years between the Bolivarian nations, those that got their independence thanks to Simon Bolivar. The countries included are:  Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.  However, the Bolivarian Sports Organization, part of the Pan American Sports Organization, authorized the participation of other nations like Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay and Dominican Republic.

The Technical Meeting and Drawing of Lots will take place on November 24 at 18:00 pm at “La Villa Bolivariana”.


Competition Program


Monday, November 25 

FIN (Female -46 Kg. – Male -54 Kg.)

FLY (Female -49 Kg. – Male -58 Kg.)

Poomsae (Individual Female y Male)


Tuesday, November 26 

BANTAM (Female -53 Kg. – Male -63 Kg.)

FEATHER (Female -57 Kg. – Male -68 Kg.)

Poomsae (Pairs)


Wednesday, November 27

LIGHT (Female -62 Kg. – Male -74 Kg.)

WELTER (Female -67 Kg. – Male -80 Kg.)

Poomsae (Teams,  Female y Male)


Thursday, November 28

MIDDLE (Female -73 Kg. – Male -87 Kg.)

HEAVY (Female +73 Kg. – Male +87 Kg.) Team







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