GRAND PRIX MANCHESTER 20133 will be in Manchester

The whole world is looking forward to the first WTF Grand Prix, which will make its grand debut next month with a great final in the UK. will be there. ESPAÑOL

2013-11-27_72088x_GP-Manchester-2013_Few times in history we have the opportunity to witness an event that will become a milestone in the competition system, and that is why we, the team, want all our fans to feel first-hand the adrenaline that will be flowing in the mythical UK land.

With the clear objective to give you the best media coverage we know only we can do, we will be in Manchester with a professional team to provide all the information on what happens in this unique event.

We will give you daily summaries, pictures, videos and interviews with all medalists and relevant personalities present in this WTF Grand Prix Final.

The whole world is getting ready to witness for the first time in history the kickoff of our sport for its road to Rio 2016 and you will experience it through


Matías Rojas, Exclusive

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