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Jean-Marie Ayer: "We need to raise funds to finance our projects"

The WTF Secretary General told they need to develop a good marketing plan in order to have more funds and thus be able to develop all the projects planned by WTF. ESPAÑOL

The Poomsae competition is developing flawless and after the Opening Ceremony of the 8th WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, we witnessed a new exciting discipline of Taekwondo:  the Taekwondo Aerobic, wearing very flashy costumes the athletes performed aerobics routines combined with Taekwondo movements.  Undoubtedly, this will attract more fans.

Jean-Marie Ayer, who was at the venue, talked to

2013-11-01_71233x_Jean-Marie-Ayer_250The WTF Council has new members.  What do you expect from this new Council?

I think we have some excellent new members. They had the opportunity to present all their different plans.  They wanted to be part of the Council so they presented how they will do it.  The objectives are quite clear for all, so I consider that a great future awaits us.

What were the key issues discussed at the WTF Council meeting?

One of the most important issues discussed was the Grand Prix. We explained the current status of all the preparation for the first edition in Manchester.  We also analyzed the bids presented to host the GP Series next year.  The Executive Council also presented the strategic marketing plan; this part is very important for the future.  This should be the way to make a difference. We need to raise funds to finance our projects, so we need a strong marketing strategy

What is your opinion on the development of this 8th World Poomsae Championship?

First of all, it should be noted that it is taking place in a beautiful place:   Bali, so I’m sure many people are happy to be here and to see this place and its wonderful people.  The Organizing Committee has worked hard and invested a lot, and the competition is developing very well. I’m sure everyone will return home with great memories of this event.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Ayer Do you want to say anything else?

I am very happy to be here like I´m sure any other WTF member is.  Again we are very pleased to have supporting another WTF event.  It is very nice to work for the WTF and for Taekwondo.  It is very pleasant to contribute to the development of the sport. I think we have a great future, so I hope we can count on the support of everyone around the world in order to achieve our goals.


Alex Korram, Exclusivo

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