Countdown for the Team World Cup “Abidjan 2013”

The drawing of lots  of the “2013 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships” was held yestarday.  The WTF sanctioned event ranked G-4 will be held between November 28-30 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. ESPAÑOL 

2013-11-27_72094x_Logo_WTF-WCTThe numbers:


Partcipant countries: 15

Female Teams: 8 (China, Ivory Coast, France, South Korea,Mali, Russia, Spain, United States)

Male Teams: 14 (Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Ivory Coast, Congo, France, Gabpn, South Korea,Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Spain, United States)

Athletes: 171

Female athletes: 62

Male athletes: 108

Team Officials: 82

Groups: 4 male y 2 female

Preliminary compats: November 28 – 29

Quarter finals, Bronze medal and Finals: November 30






Group A: South Korea (KOR), Ivory Coast (CIV), Spain (SPA), United States (USA)

Group B: Russia (RUS), France (FRA), Mali (MLI), China (CHN)




Group A: Mexico (MEX), China (CHN), France (FRA), Spain (SPA)

Group B: Russia (RUS), Gabon (GAB), Burkina Faso (BUR), United States (USA)

Group C: South Korea (KOR), Congo (COD), Senegal (SEN)

Group D: Ivory Coast (CIV), Nigeria (NGR), Brazil (BRA)



Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive

Pictures: WTF


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