2nd Asia-Europe Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships in Shenzhen, China

Asia beat Europe 7-5 on aggregated points at the 2nd Asia-Europe Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships in Shenzhen, China on 17 November, 2013 to defend its overall title. ESPAÑOL



According to the official WTF website Asia went into the one-day intercontinental championships, which took place at the Shen Zhen Sports School, as reigning champions having defeated Europe 13-3 at the inaugural Europe-Asia Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships in Moscow, Russia last year.

This year’s championships featured eight individual and six team competitions.

The eight individual Olympic-weight matches, consisting of four male and four female matches, were held in the morning with one point awarded to the continent for each individual victory.

In the women’s -49kg category, China‘s Song Yaoye defeated Greece‘s Ioanna Koutsou 4-0 to earn the Asia Taekwondo Union one point. In the men’s -58kg division, Chinese Taipei‘s Wang Ping Shun edged Italy’s Gemma Domenico to a 4-2 victory to give Asia another point.

In the women’s -57kg category, Chinese Taipei‘s Tseng Li Cheng beat Thailand‘s Autayananon Montawan 5-0 to win the division and in the men’s -68kg division Russia‘s Viacheslav Minin secured one point for the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) by defeating Jordan’s Mohammad Zunier Abulibdeh 10-0.

Chinese Taipei‘s Chia Chia Chuang beat China‘s Zhang Jing 4-0 to take the victory in the women’s -67kg category while Russia‘s Sergey Dozortsev came through a stiff challenge from Jordan‘s Talal Hassan Nabil to win the match 3-2 and take the men’s -80kg division.

In the women’s +67kg category, Chinese Taipei‘s Chia Hwi Peng won the match as Europe‘s Gwladys Epangue failed to appear and in the men’s +80kg division, Italy‘s Basile Leonardo beat China‘s Ji Shengping 7-2 to earn the ETU another point.

In the afternoon, six team competitions took place. The team competition was conducted in a five-on-five tag-team match format with each of the men and women’s teams limited to a combined weight of 360kg 305kg respectively.

The team competition was composed of two five-minute rounds with a one-minute break. In the first five-minute round, each of the five athletes fought for one minute while the second round was a tag-team match in which athletes could be replaced at any time after making three attacks.

In the opening team match between the European men’s team and the Asian men’s Team B, the five-member Asian squad won the match 26-16.

In the following match between the European-Asian men’s team and the Asian men’s Team A, the two teams tied 8-8.

The Asian men’s Team A secured two points for their continent as they beat the European-Asian men’s team 7-6 and the European men’s team 11-10.

The match between the European-Asian women’s team and the Asian women’s team failed to find a winner as the two teams were even with 20 points each after two rounds of competition.

In the men’s final team match, the Asian squad defeated the European team 25-22 to earn Asia their fourth point of the tag team competition and win the championships 7-5 after the European team only managed to win two points in the team competitions.

Around 250 young Chinese taekwondo students watched the championships, demonstrating the popularity of taekwondo in China. Team

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