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The Head of Team Meeting and the Drawing of lots Session were held at World Championship Poomsae

The "8th WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships” has already began in the paradisiacal city of Bali in Indonesia at the Westin Nusa Dua Hotel & Spa.  Here all the details. ESPAÑOL



In the beautiful city of Bali, the martial arts is everywhere and the party that the World Poomsae Championships represents is gathering a great amount of athletes from many countries around the world.  .

On the streets this important event sanctioned by the WTF is announced the  and the City of Bali, as host, is the responsible for welcoming all the visitors, athletes, coaches and delegates so they have a great stay.

In an easy-going head of team meeting, they informed the technical aspects to be taken into account at the time of scoring the Poomsae performance, including special moves that run more slowly than others:


5-second movements:

Taegeuk 6 jang – naranhi seogi – arae hechomakki

Taegeuk 7 jang – moa seogi – bojumeok

Koryo – naranhi seogi – tongmilgi

Kumgang – naranhi seogi – area hechomakki

Pyongwon – naranhi seogi – sonnal area hechomakki

Shipjin – dwikubi-apkubi – pyonsonkkeut opeotzireugi

–        Apkubi – bawimilgi

–        Juchumseogi – sonnal area hechomakki

–        (juchumseogi)  – area hechomakki

Chonkwon – moa seogi – nalgaepyogi

–        Dwikubi – sonnal wesanteulmakki

–        Beom seogi – taesanmilgi


8- second movements:

Taegeuk 8 jang – apkubi – dangkyo teokjireugi

Koryo – moa seogi – mejumeok area pyojeokchigi

Keumgang – hakdariseogi – keumgang makki

Jitae – apkubi – olgulmakki seguido de momtong barojireugi

–        Dwikubi – momtong bakkatmakki

–        Apkubi – olgulmakki

Chonkwon – apkubi –  momtong barojireugi


Mr. Ade Lukman, Director of the Organizing Committee of 8th WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, spoke exclusively to and mentioned that they are 100% prepared for this championships and that they are very happy this important event is being held for the first time in Indonesia.  (SEE: spoke with Ade Lukman Director of the World Poomsae Championships)





Complete Schedule


  • Oct.  26 – Nov.  3:  Team Registration
  • Oct. 28, 29,  30:  Referee Meeting
  • Oct. 23 – 29  Training
  • Oct. 29 Head of Team Meeting and Drawing of Lots
  • Oct. 30 Council Meeting
  • Oct. 30 WTF Expansión Meeting
  • Oct. 30 40th WTF Anniversary
  • Oct. 31 – Nov. 3  Poomsae Competition

2013-10-29_70575x_Logo_Poomsae-2013October  31






F/Team -29

Free Style Pairs

Nov 1




Free Style M

Nov 2



Pairs -29

Pairs +29

Free Style F

Nov 3


M/Team -29

M/Team +29

F/Team +29

F -59

Free style Mixed Team





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  1. Hello, Congratulations on such a great and successful even. I’d like to know where I can watch the opening ceremony. Thank you for your time. Have a great day!

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