Partial Results – SportAccord World Combat Games

During the first day of competition in St. Petersburg, Russia, in TK-5, the first points have already been awarded and it can be already inferred which team will be on the podium. ESPAÑOL



Although there are still left six preliminary combats for tomorrow, we inform you that in the male division the first and the second of each group will advance to the semifinals.  The winner of the semifinal will go to the Final and the losers will have to compete to see which teams wins the only Bronze Medal

On the women’s side, because there are only four teams the process will be faster.  The First and the Second will fight at the Final and the rest will fight for the Bronze.


Today´s Results (Partial):2013-10-23_70261x_SportAccordGames-2013_mT


FRA (6) vs. (8) CHN – Female

RUS (29) vs. (11) DOM – Male – Group A

KOR (25) vs. (9) VEN – Male – Group B

CRO (6) vs. (19) RUS – Female

ESP (19) vs. (19) UZB – Male – Group A

IRI (26) vs. (5) USA – Male – Group B

FRA (25) vs. (15) RUS – Female

RUS (18) vs. (11) UZB – Male – Group A

KOR (20) vs. (24) USA – Male – Group B

CRO (9) vs. (10) CHN – Female

ESP (33) vs. (3) DOM – Male – Group A

IRI (28) vs. (4) VEN – Male – Group B


Positions at the first day of competition  at the  “II SportAccord World Combat Games”.



List & Label Report







List & Label Report











Following the schedule for tomorrow:

(St Petersburg, Rusia time)


14:30 hrs. UZB vs. DOM – Male – Group A

15:00 hrs. USA vs. VEN – Male – Group B

15:30 hrs. RUS vs. ESP – Male – Group A

16:00 hrs. KOR vs. IRI – Male – Grooup B

16:30 hrs. RUS vs. CHN – Female

17:00 hrs. FRA vs. CRO – Female


Members of each team    HERE




Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive





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