Official presentation of the electronic head protectors

Last weekend in Porto, Portugal, Daedo made the official presentation of the new electronic head protector. ESPAÑOL



During the celebration of the European Junior Taekwondo Championships and with the presence of the highest ETU and WTF representatives, the Spanish firm Daedo made a practical demonstration and theoretical presentation about the operation and development of this new system.

Among the major advantages of this new product, it is surprising the resemblance to a traditional helmet, in matters of weight, size and design.

Regarding the operation of the system, an important feature is that the level of impact can be regulated, the same way it is done with the electronic trunk protector but completely independently.

A new technological innovation that has not yet received the WTF approval, but it is additional to the existing Protector Scoring System (PSS) and the video replay, both of which were once projects and today have revolutionized our sport.




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