Lee Kyu Hyung, appointed President of Kukkiwon

Master Lee Kyu Hyung was named President of the Kukkiwon after the board meeting held on the 27th of October at the Seoul Olympic Parktel. Nineteen of the twenty board members attended the meeting and voted unanimously for Master Lee. ESPAÑOL  



The new President, who was born in 1948, has successively held several posts, such as head of the Korean National Children’s Taekwondo Demo Team, head of the Korean National Taekwondo Demo Team, professor of Taekwondo studies at the Kyemyeng University, etc. He is currently chair-professor at the same university, and has been acting President of the Kukkiwon since August 19th this year.


The appointment of the President of the Kukkiwon was done according to Article 8 of the articles of association of the organization. This article dictates that after the board of directors chooses the President, the chair of the board should inform the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.

Regarding the appointment, Master Lee said: “I have been entrusted with a heavy responsibility. I am resolved to carry out my duty to the fullest. The Kukkiwon has many tasks piled up in the areas of examination, research, education, consulting, and in creating a Taekwondo temple. I cannot do all this by myself and will need the help from the board members. I will try with all my heart and soul”.


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