Concern due to new recruits in the WTF

Some names heard to be prospective WTF executives are generating opposition within the WTF entourage.  Rumors say that the WTF wants to hire an old and controversial director of the KTA, Jin BanYang. ESPAÑOL



As known for everyone, after the WTF Council elections held in Puebla last July, there are still pending some appointments that Dr. Chue, must do before December to complete his Executive Council.  It is expected that during the next Executive Council meeting to be held the this week in Bali, Indonesia, the WTF president may announce his new WTF members.  However, the case this report refers to is not the “appointments” but the “recruitments” planned to replace some of the staff within the offices of the WTF in Korea.

According to a Korean newspaper Dr. Choue, WTF President, announced that there would be changes of the personnel within the World Taekwondo Federation during the end of September and beginning of October. However, there haven’t been any great changes apart from some of the Deputy Secretary Generals vacating their seats in the Federation.

There is a rumor that the WTF is taking into consideration recruiting former KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association) Managing Director Jin Bang Yang to fill the vacancy of Deputy Secretary General.

During the time this Yang was in charge of the KTA, he caused problems with various figures within the organization, and therefore it is expected that WTF will suffer internal conflicts upon his arrival and will not have a positive effect in the WTF image.

The main issue generating opposition to this possible recruitment is the fact that this person is directly involved with the company supplier of the protector electronic systems  because many Taekwondo people speculate that it could lead to conflicts of interests that would end up harming Taekwondo in general .

Among the appointments within the Executive Council and new recruitments in the WTF, Dr. Choue will have the tough task of making the best decisions for the good of all who are part of this sport worldwide.


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