The WTF “G” Events

The number that follows the "G" in the WTF ranking events has turned out to be very important because according to this ranking a certain ranking points will be awarded to the competing athletes. ESPAÑOL



The World Taekwondo Federation grants to all its sanctioned events a ranking which is identified by a “G” and a number:  1, 2, 3 and so on.  These numbers has turned out to be very important as these award to the competing athletes their points to sum up in the World and Olympic Ranking. presents the different “G” events and the points each one awards:


Scoring Distribution:

G-1 Events: Medalists only

G-2 to G-4 Events: from Quarterfinals

G-12 Event: From Round (1/16)

G-8 and G-20 Events: All competitors


The number of points awarded to the athletes in each event, according to its rank:


G-1 Events:

(1st) First: 10 points

(2nd) Second: 6 points

(3rd) 2 Third: 3.60 points


G -2 Events

(1st) First: 20 points

(2nd) Second: 12 points

(3rd) Third: 7.20 points

(5th) Quarterfinals: 4.32 points


G-4 Events

(1st) First: 40 points

(2nd) Second: 24 points

(3rd) Third: 14.40 points

(5th) Quarterfinals: 8.64 points


G-8 Event

(1st) First: 80 points

(2nd) Second: 48 points

(3rd) Third: 28.80 points

(5th) Quarterfinals: 17.28 points

(9th) round 1/16: 12.10 points

(17th) round 1/32: 8.47 points

(33 º) Round 1/64: 5.93 points

(65 °) Round 1/128: 4.15 points


G-12 Event

(1st) First: 120 points

(2nd) Second: 72 points

(3rd) Third: 43.20 points

(5th) Quarterfinals: 25.92 points

(9th) round 1/16: 18.14 points


G -20 Events

(1st) First: 200 points

(2nd) Second: 120 points

(3rd) Third: 72 points

(5th) Losers to bronze medalists: 43.20 points

(7th) losers in repechage: 30.24 points

(9th) Quarterfinalist who did not advance to repechage: 21.17 points

(11th) Losers in preliminary who did not advance to repechage: 14.82 points


Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive


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