United States with its top stars will be in Buenos Aires

Just few days before the Argentina Open, the U.S. team has already confirmed its participation with an excellent team:  among them, Steven, Mark and Diana Lopez. ESPAÑOL

Olympics Opening Day


Female Team

Fly -49 Kg. Charlotte Craig (02/02/1991)


Feather -57 Kg. Cheyenne Lewis (08/09/1996)


Light -62 Kg. Diana Lopez (07/01/1984)


Middle -73 Kg. Lauren Hamon (20/01/1985)


Heavy +73 Kg. Monique Rawls (29/07/1986)


Male Team

Fin -54 Kg. Logan Gerick 08/09/1995


Fly -58 Kg. James Howe 22/02/1987


Bantam -63 Kg. Olie Burton 02/05/1993


Light -74 Kg. Mark Lopez 25/04/1982


Welter -80 Kg. Steven Lopez 09/11/1978


Heavy +87 Kg. Stephen Lambdin 09/03/1988


Head of Team: Bruce Harris


Technical Director: Meredith Miller




Patrice Remarck


Jean Lopez


Juan Moreno


Sang Cha



Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive

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