Two European Championships and ETU elections coming soon

On August 20-25, the Romanian city of Bucharest will be the epicenter of the European Taekwondo as three important activities for the European continent will be held. ESPAÑOL

2013-08-19_(67232)x_ETU-Cadet Taekwondo Championships_


Bucharest, the capital and most populous city in Romania and center of all industrial, cultural and commercial activities will host three major activities related to Taekwondo:

2013-08-19_(67232)x_LOGO_ETU1)       (August 20) Executive Council Meeting of the European Taekwondo Union and General Assembly, in which authorities of the European Taekwondo governing body will be elected for the next four years.

2)       (August 21) 2nd. European Para-Taekwondo Championships

3)       (August 22-25)  5th Cadet Taekwondo Championships

It is expected that the current president will continue at the ETU leaderships as he is the only candidate for the position, however the elections fight will be among those who want to accompany him.  (See: ETU Elections underway)

On sports side, Para-Taekwondo continues to grow. This time the 2nd European Para-Taekwondo Championships will be held on August 21, one day before the start of the continental cadet championships. The event reserved for athletes with upper limb problems will be held in the National Sport Hall “Polivalenta Hall” in Bucharest.


2013-08-19_(67232)x_2nd European Para-Taekwondo Championships


In the same venue, on August 22-25 the fifth edition of the European Taekwondo Cadet Championships will be held.  Competition is allowed for athletes born in 1999, 2000 and 2001 in ten male weight categories and ten female weight categories.  (Male : -33 -37 – 41 – 45 -49 -53 -57 -61 to 65 and +65 kg.  Female: -29 -33 -37 -41 -44 -47 -51 -55 -59 and +59 kg.) .


Contestants will compete in three rounds of one- and- a- half- minute each and a one-minute break.


The 5th European Taekwondo Cadet Championships schedule is as follows:


August 22


Male: -33 and -37 kg.


Female: -29 to-33 kg.


August 23


Male: -41 and -45 kg.


Female: -37 and -41 kg.


August 24


Male: -49 -53 and -57 kg.


Female: -44 -47 and -51 kg.


August 25


Male: -61 -65 and +65 kg.


Female: -55 -59 and +59 kg.


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