The process of “Choice of Olympic Weight Division" is already being implemented

As had already informed in due time, the World Taekwondo Federation is implementing the process in which the athletes can choose the Olympic weight division in which to sum up points. ESPAÑOL


The WTF Secretary General, Jean-Marie Ayer, sent a letter to all Member National Associations making the official request to register their athletesxxx_masTaekwondo_LOGO-WTF_250 in the Olympic weight division in which they want to sum up points in the WTF Olympic Ranking.

As approved by the WTF Council, this process will take place every four years in order to help planning the preparation of athletes to accumulate points that will help to classify directly to different events.

“The choice will allow transferring the current ranking points into the division that was chosen; the ranking points recorded in more than one Olympic division will be combined into one. After the choice, the ranking points will be recorded in the Olympic weight division in which your athlete actually competes regardless of the choice. This process is intended to help your athlete to record the ranking points in the Olympic division in which your athlete will actually compete in the next 4 years” explained Ayer in his letter.

The information must be sent by the official MNA of each country to the email address no later than August 18, 2013 at 23:59, Korea time (GMT +9).  In case of no submission, the currently registered weight division will stay as it is.

“Upon receipt of this form, the WTF will update the Olympic Ranking, and new version will be released in early September, 2013 which will be used for invitation of athletes to the inaugural Grand Prix Manchester to be held on December 13-15, 2013 in Manchester, UK. The last event to be included for invitation for 2013 Grand Prix will be 2013 Argentina Open which will be held on August 31 – September 1, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina” explained Ayer.

After receiving the form, the update WTF Olympic qualification, and the new version will be released in early September 2013, which will be used for the invitation of athletes at Manchester Grand Prix to be held from 13 to 15 December. The last event will be considered for invitation to the Grand Prix 2013 will be the Argentina Open 2013, to be held from August 31 to September 1, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.




“Rank” refers to the current ranking place of an athlete in the perspective Olympic weight division.

“First name” and “last name” refer to the official names currently registered in WTF ranking.

“Div” refers to the Olympic weight division where an athlete is currently ranked in combination of two adjacent weight divisions.

“Total points” refer to the ranking points an athlete is currently holding.

“Olympic Weight Division to choose” is the columns where you should choose one of the four (4) Olympic weight divisions.

MNA´s are requested to:

Check the names of their athlete (s) and correct the names if not accurate; indicate with different color for easy reference; and click to choose the Olympic weight division.  Do not write division by yourself.

In case of not choosing Olympic weight division or not submitting this form by August 18, 2013:

The current record will remain unchanged.

Ranking points in WTF World ranking (8 weight divisions):

This process is only for choosing Olympic weight division.  The choice does not affect WTF World Ranking.

In case of inquiries:

Contact Ms. Seungmin Lee, Manager of Sport Division at before the deadline (August 18, 2013)




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