Soon, the combats on octogonal mats

During the WTF General Assembly recently held in Puebla, Mexico, some changes to the WTF Competition Rules were discussed; among them is the change in shape of the competition areas. Español


The changes that were being discussed in recent months, were approved by the General Assembly, the most significant being the possibility to fight Taekwondo competitions on an octagonal shaped mat. The 8 x 8 m contest area will remain as an option as well.  The new octagonal shape will measure 8 m in diameter between each facing sides and each side should measure 3.3 meters. It has to be seen how this will influence the match management of competitors

Additionally,  the WTF General Assembly in Puebla  confirmed the host sites for four major Taekwondo competitions were confirmed:


  • Bali (Indonesia) for the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 3013
  • Abidjan (Ivory Coast) for the 2013 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships
  • Manchester (UK) for the 2013 WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix
  • New Taipei City (Chinese Taipei) for the WTF Qualification Tournament for Ninajing 2014 Youth Olympic Games and the 10th World Junior Taekwondo Championships Team


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