Taekwondo in the Pacific Mini Games 2013

Taekwondo is the only martial arts performed in the 9th Pacific Mini-Games which will be held in Wallis & Futuna in early September.



The Pacific Games are an international sports competition that brings together the 22 States and Territories of the Pacific and they are supervised by the Council of Pacific Games. The primary objective of these Pacific Games is to create links of friendship and brotherhood among the countries of the Pacific, through sports exchanges, without any distinction of race, religion or politics. The first Pacific Games were organized in 1963, in Fiji. Every 4 years, the Games are organized in a member country or territory of the Council of Pacific Games, explains the Organizing Committee through the event´s official web site.

TAEKWONDO_The mini-games are the sister competition of the Pacific Games. It is in 1981 that the first mini-games of the Pacific are put in place, with a sports program reduced, in order to allow the States and territories which are not eligible for the organization of the bigger games, yet to host an international sporting event. The mini-games also are held every 4 years, alternately with the major Pacific Games, such as the Olympic Winter and Summer Games.

This year´s edition will take place in Wallis and Futuna on September 2-12 and, specifically, the Taekwondo competition will be held on September 9-11 at the Kafika Hall, with the following categories:  Male: -54, -58, -63, -68, -74, -80, -87, +87 kg.  Female:  -46, -49. -53, -57, -62, -67, -73, +73 kg..  Taekwondo is the only martial arts performed in the mini-games 2013.

Participanting countries are:  New Caledonia, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Tahiti, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Wallis & Fortuna, and Tonga.

Mr. Phillippe Bouedo the International Delegate of the competition, along with the Competition Director, Mr. Olivier Vegi are members of the Organizing Committee.


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