Female Taekwondo uniform could be redesigned

Juanjo Padrós, director of Andorra Taekwondo Federation and member of the European Union Executive Committee, is responsible for the innovative new design for the “female Dobok". masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL

2013-08-16_67197x_ESTÉTICA-FEMENINA-Taekwondo_01 (1)


The model designed by Juanjo Padrós, is a Taekwondo uniform that fits to the body using Lycra fabrics.   The other model consists of a dress with a skirt and Lycra pants, giving it a more feminine touch to the Dobok.

The new design was presented to the WTF Expansion Committee in Puebla, during the World Taekwondo Championship; among the people present were WTF President, Dr. Choue, WTF Secretary General, WTF vice Director of Marketing and Communications and the Presidents of the different Continental Unions.

The WTF welcomed the new model with great interest and will study the different designs created by Padrós to see some important details before they finally instruct any manufacturer to produce the official clothing.   “Right now everything is in the hands of the WTF Secretary General Jean-Marie Ayer and the Director of Marketing. The original model was created in Tailor & Co with model Jessica Rovira, member of the National Taekwondo Team of Andorra” explained Juanjo Padrós to masTaekwondo.com.




2013-08-16_67197x_ESTÉTICA-FEMENINA-Taekwondo_03-e1376606715309According Padrós, the main reasons for creating this new uniform were:

1)    Renew the female Taekwondo image and make a better difference between the male and female categories.

2)    Adapt the modern fabrics used now in sports to Taekwondo.

3)    Ease and release the body movements in Taekwondo

4)    Adapt the latest medical and computer technologies applied to fabrics.

5)    Improve Taekwondo image in the TV and press.


On the other hand the creator of this new female Dobok detailed five reasons why he thinks this new model should be the competitive circuit:

1)    All scientific evidence suggests that new fabrics are vital to fit the body and allow a better freedom of movement, creating more definition and clean movements.  People will enjoy better definition and movement.

2)    The latest advances in medicine and physiotherapy, as tiping or other techniques, can be applied to Doboks.

3)    The new technologies like blood pressure, heart beat, and temperature control chips can be applied in the new Doboks, and thus show to the world the most modern and innovative martial art and sport.

4)    Sometimes, for amateur spectators, it is difficult to differentiate if it is a female or male combat.  With these new models, the categories will be easier to differentiate.  It is also important the competition in other martial arts like Judo and Karate.

5)    The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure.  It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape.  This last issue must be exploited and must be used to promote Taekwondo in this specific moment, after the success in the Olympics and a great World Championship, to attract television and mass media interest.

The World Taekwondo Federation is analyzing to incorporate the new uniform in the Grand Prix in December 2013. In Europe, it seems that during the Under-21 European Championships, they will make a test of the new uniform.




Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com



128 thoughts on “Female Taekwondo uniform could be redesigned”

    1. This is a load of crap.. Females are just as competitive and do not need to have our own uniform. I like mine just fine. Not only that, but how would this work with different body types? No.

  1. Considero que es demasiado pehado al cuerpo y esta dejando demasiado expuesta la figura de nosotras las mujeres me parece hasta machista no en todos los paises existe respeto hacia las mujeres y mucho menos se va conaeguir con este tipo de uniformes.creo q es una linda iniciativa pero a muchas les gusta asi tal y como esta.

  2. ay está feo haha ): dónde está la marcialidad y la tradición y todo lo bonito del tkd?? aparte por qué tendríamos que vernos las mujeres diferentes a los hombres? Feo en aspecto y concepto ):

  3. Creo que al único que le gusta es al que lo diseñó, sigo con el tradicional, y es que esto es tradicional, no es moda .. además si es por ver lindas a las taekwondoinas .. se ven mucho más hermosas con los de ahora

  4. All reason with the exception of female and male are acceptable.
    All other reasons are as important for the men uniform.
    Why make a distinction in outlook between men and women


  6. no me gusta, algo le falta, se ve como un simple pans de deportes, le hace falta esa… no se como elegancia que tiene el dobok actual, pierde mucho y no creo que traiga muchas conveniencias de lo que se piensa…….. ay no se, no se….. no me convence

  7. El dobok es sagrado y no debe tocarse. No solo es horrible .. también me parece sexista ! Antes dejo el Taekwondo q ponerme esa m****. Me niego en rotundo. !

  8. I don’t like this, you have a good idea but in the end what you people are thinking and trying to do is to watch a nice ass, don’t be a bunch of jerks, traditional uniform can’t be dismissed just like that, you can have some changes on the traditional uniform but that one on the photo is horrible!!!!

    you’re no longer thinking in martial arts, traditions, philosophy, of TKD, you just want to see some booty, you people make me sick

  9. Supongo que tendrán que saber lo que opinamos las mujeres que practicamos taekwondo!! el día que me quiera poner ese pijama, cambiare de deporte y me iré a hacer fitnnes, aquí no venimos a exhibirnos, si no a entrenar, que asco de verdad

  10. Déjate esta súper ajustado nos vamos a ver terribles y no no no que incomodidad u.u Nallely Mora Monterrubio que se lo pongan ellos

  11. El traje tradicional en uno de sus aspectos, representa a mi parecer la igualdad entre el hombre y la mujer. Ambos capaces de lograr lo mismo, ambos unidos por el Tae Kwon Do. ¿Donde quedará esa presencia casi sublime del arte marcial en este nuevo esquema de venta de productos deportivos? Soy muy abierto al cambio siempre y cuando este sea justificado sólo con la verdadera mejoría de algo que en principio está mal.

  12. This is the most ridiculous thing I have yet to hear. Up to now it was the Octagon ring.
    Come on WTF, this is a Martial art.
    WTF still stands for, World Taekwondo Federation, or What the……?

  13. Why won’t they at least be honest and just say “showing more of the women’s bodies draws more spectators? I think this is embarrassing, female competitors are a treasure but it doesn’t mean they should be sold like that.

  14. What sexist nonsense! Spectators can read scoreboard and see if female or male division. We are martial artists and good fighting technique is what we should be judged on and cheered for by spectators. Not on how fit we look in spandex! On a more practical note…How will protective gear be worn? How will you deal with countries that prefer women to have modest attire? What is next beauty contests? This design is straight out of Star Trek and belongs on a spaceship….How embarrassing!

  15. Es lo mas estúpido que he visto! Solo a un inútil tratando de objetizar a la mujer se le pudo haber ocurrido. En el momento que se les ocurra cambiar algo así, yo me salgo del tkd.

  16. Absolutely not! Taekwondo is for people, not sex and there is no need to visually designate gender in a dobok. Not every female has same slender, petite body and it would not look good on many female students. It is sexist and for pleasure of the male eye. We don’t need this in Taekwondo, and I would never permit my students to wear it – ever!

  17. NO ME GUSTA!!
    Esto como ya han dicho parece pyjama y para las chicas mas gorditas q tambien hacen nuestro deporte…? se sentirian muy mal… + las chicas de religion musulmana tampoco les debe de gustar….
    Lo cual el Taekwondo perdideria deportitas femeninas en muchas partes del mundo.
    Tambien ya habian dicho…los protectores no caben (y si es flexible la tela, de licra) pues se verian claramente los protectores debajo del dobok.
    No pues tiene mucho encotra…

  18. To promote equality of gender in my club all girls must wear body tight spandex so we can all appreciate woman as martial artists…..er…….yeah……

      1. no he has a point, no female wants to join a club knowing she has to wear spandex while the men get to wear a traditional uniform

  19. Adoro el diseño actual del uniforme de Taekwondo. El Dobok no es para ver las curbas de las mujeres o algo así, es un traje que hace referencia a la historia de Korea.

    Estamos seguros que los “avances” que se han visto en el Taekwondo son apropiados ¿¿???

  20. The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited….. what a load of utter crap – not all of us look like that model, and some of us are older, haev had children and while we are fit we might not conform to this standard beauty. I will refuse to wear this and I know my club would not segregate our females by doing so – you are there to learn NOT TO BE OGGLED AND JUDGED.

    1. I totally agree with you! What’s happening to WTF TKD. Now I know why it’s WTF! What the F–k TKD!

  21. That is horrible there is no way I’d wear that, it looks like a pair of pyjamas (sleepwear)… Leave the uniforms alone..

  22. Another reason I’m starting to dislike TKD. They’re changing too much! I hate the ugly so-called uniform. Looks like someone from star trek. while wer’e on changes Bring back punches to the head!!!!!

  23. No thanks. doesnt look good at all. May give some give girls a complex. it could be degrading to some females that may not have a similar body shape as the young lady pictured, and could cause anxiety issues, Maybe humiliation amongst other issues. yuk. stick with tradition.

    1. seriously, out of all of the people running the show, ARE YOU SERIOUS? or perverted….This will definately cause some girls to stop competing. Maybe the guys could wear a BORAT style mankini in their belt colour, over their dobok too.

  24. This is a joke, right? I simply can’t believe the sexist garbage spouted in this article. What next? Nude photographs taken by hidden cameras in the change rooms? (after all, he clearly stated: “… The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. …”) Maybe he can also hire them out as hookers … (no – not rugby hookers …)

    1. What is sad is many of the competitors who do well or are famous sell out and use sex to advertise like they are models. Some do bikini photos etc. The popular TKD that the WTF seems to want to embrace goes against the very tenets of Taekwondo and it pisses me off. the WTF is selling out!

  25. What an idiot!! Juanjo Padrós, director of Andorra Taekwondo Federation and member of the European Union Executive Committee SHOULD BE FIRED!! A LONG WITH THE REST OF THOSE IDIOTS WHO THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!!

    First it was poomsae uniforms that look stupid and have no functionality, now its a new female dobok. The WTF is such a sellout organization and I wish the KKW would reform it or either distance itself from it. GET TAEKWONDO BACK TO COMBAT TRADITION AND SELF DEFENSE! Stop the nonsense! And if you are going to keep your sport going ADD PUNCHES TO THE HEAD AND LEG KICKS! Its in the KKW curriculum. Stuff like this is why I do not get enough students because everyone is going to MMA and all Taekwondo dojangs get are little kids and yuppy moms who want demo teams and birthday parties. Taekwondo is looking so pathetic now days. Koreans also are destroying it with the Korean Tiger demo team who does the stupid TAekwondo dance crap with sexual motions. Taekwondo is going to die. MMA is the future unless TKD embraces back to being seen as real warrior mentality like the Tiger Division and White Horse Division in the Korean military from the Vietnam War era.

  26. That things ugly as shit!
    What are we Power Rangers?
    Secondly, we wear a hogu on top, so what difference does it make?

  27. Poor quality/bad fitting. Who made this? I agree more modern fabric, but that is just wrong.
    My suggestion would be a lightweight cotton of the original design with a better closure for the front of the female chest opening.

  28. Dumb, dumb, dumb. WTF (as in What the F&*$)??? Really? how many women out there in the martial arts world really want this??

    I like reasons 4 and 5. If you can’t tell that those are women or men fighting then you are either captain oblivious or can’t read a fight card/captions on TV.

    and reason 5 “The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited and must be used to promote Taekwondo in this specific moment, after the success in the Olympics and a great World Championship, to attract television and mass media interest.”

    Why don’t they just shorten that from the coded phrase above to the translation “We need to show more tits and ass. If we could get them to dress like the girls in the Dead or Alive video games we would do it.”

  29. I cannot believe what I am reading here.As a 46 year old higher grade and as a feminist there is no way I would wear any of these designs . Part of my reason for joining martial arts was to learn self defence moves for the kind of situation where as a female of size I have been subject to inappropriate comments or to overt sexual harassment/assault. I flattened the perpetrators of the latter, BTW. This is overt sexualization of female competitors for the media and has no place in sport in the 21st century. I will be wearing the existing unisex dobok.

  30. The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited and must be used to promote Taekwondo in this specific moment, after the success in the Olympics and a great World Championship, to attract television and mass media interest.

    Is the most sexist and reputation-killing thing I’ve read in a long time. What about ladies that AREN’T fit? They’re going to look like a bag of spuds.

  31. It’s unbelievable. I looked at the uniforms and first thought well, ok, leggings, easier to move in, but not exactly designed with anything over a size 12 in mind – and then I read the rubric.Female figure? encourage the spectators? Attract media attention?

    What year is this exactly?

    Basically, I’d like to take whichever sexist idiot thought of this into a Dojang right now and give them my best shot on behalf of the entire female Taekwondo contingent. Doesn’t matter if they’re like a 5th dan or something and I’ll get my arse kicked in 2 seconds but.. the principle of the thing,right? If I’m bellydancing I CHOOSE to put lycra on that emphasizes my shape..And I have complete control over it and its effects. And there is a cultural context- and limits- for what is and isn’t acceptable from an audience.Or the dancer. No one tells me to wear tight bulge-showing stuff in a bloody SPORT.So that male members of the audience can ogle me non-consensually.

    I don’t want to be identified as a woman and a sex object while freesparring . I don’t want my front distracting the opposition -unfair to them- and I don’t want guys who can’t go full on in dojang because they can’t risk harming a woman.I’m a higher grade, if I’m where your punch was when you threw it, it s my fault for not blocking you. I want equality and respect.and a decent fair fight. I’m not going to get that looking like the Silk Bloody Spectre now am I?

    I will be wearing my unisex Po the Panda outfit -they can try and kick me out of training if they like. I just hope I can get the black belt before this comes in so I can last 15 seconds not 2 when I have to challenge anyone trying to kick me out for not wearing it..or start my own class of unisex wearing novices. Men and women.

  32. “Exploited” indeed. I swear I saw the picture before clicking on a link to the article and I thought it was a halloween costume, it looked so fake.

    It’s hard enough being a women in martial arts, I’m bombarded with constant casual sexism from my instructors. What I do not need is to be singled out in my uniform, sexualized, and made to look fake.

  33. This is stripping Taekwondo of its roots and traditions, absolutely disgraceful. The dobok has been part of Taekwondo tradition for thousands of years, we will certainly not be trading it for this horrible piece of lycra. No way.

  34. I like it, but it needs to be pink with the black and white…. and while we’re at it, let’s have women wear stilettos too… **sarcasm**

  35. Why on earth would only the women’s dobok need to be redesigned this way? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current one, and if improvements were to be made to one, why would they not be good enough for the men as well? (O hai, male gaze, I didn’t see you come in.)

  36. Aside from being misogynistic and insulting, this uniform looks positively absurd. If I went into a dojang as a new student as was presented with this monstrosity to wear, I would turn right around and leave, heading to the karate dojo down the street, where I can dress the same as (and be treated equally to) my male counterparts.

    Thank goodness my dojang is ITF; hopefully this garbage won’t make its way over there. I’m in class to learn and better myself, not to be eye candy to lure more men into the sport. Even classier that this decision is being made by a room full of men.

    The WTF should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. “Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited”

    Wait, what? You want to exploit women? Congrats, your PR worked backwards. My daughter will find a different sport.

  38. NO. You’re taking a beautiful traditional design and turning it into a crappy yoga uniform?

    And why are only “female” taekwondo players getting an image change? This shit is ridiculous.

  39. really cannot begin to express my outrage. World Taekwondo Federation: YOU FAIL AT INCLUSION. YOU FAIL AND YOU ARE PUBLICIZING THAT FAILURE. Women martial artists are not fetish models for your sport. The shape of my daughter’s body, or that of any of the badass martial artists I know who are women, has exactly zero to do with her ability to kick your head off of your shoulders. Strong, skilled women (and strong, skilled men!) come in literally every shape and size, and admiration of their strength and skill does not begin with putting the shape of their bodies on display for judgement. Leave tradition alone and let martial artists be martial artists — with men and women as rightful peers, and *none* responsible for being fitness models!

  40. Sexist? Not sure it even matters since during competition, TKD fighters are covered from head to toe in foam padding.

  41. “The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be EXPOITED” Sexism at its most blatant. I’m not here for people to ogle and I’d like to be appreciated for what I can do, not how I look. Also, are there any women around that table?

  42. As an avid competitor and practitioner in WTF style, I must advise against the adoption of this new “uniform”. Not only will it make the female practitioners look ridiculous- it may also make us be taken less seriously, which no woman wants.

    Secondly, from a woman’s health standpoint alone, competing and wearing this uniform for hours on end would be cause for concern. This uniform, though light looking, is made with Lycra, which is not breatheable AT ALL.

    For wearing protective gear required in tournaments, this uniform would be aesthetically unpleasant and horrifying.

    Lastly, but not least, the traditional “popping” sound of the uniform when performing proper technique is something all martial artists feel to be a great accomplishment. This uniform would take it away.

    Should the federation seek to make this uniform a requirement, I would respectfully request that it be an option for female competitors who prefer the traditional dobok.

  43. Are you serious, gentlemen of the European federation??
    The dobok must be the same for everyone, nothing else !
    Its purpose is to allow a pleasant and confortable practice while being solid, not to please the viewer’s dong !

    And just a little question, where we put protections there? Oh yes it is clear, it will be super cute once shin guards, forearm and .. haha .. once the genital protection in place …
    It’s clear it’s good to improve the image in the media if women look like Aliens 🙂

    Congratulations gentlemen, really, well done!

  44. OPPOSE! As a female, female Taekwondo Master, and Chair, USTC Women’s Committee, United States Taekwondo Committee, I OPPOSE this so-called “Dobok” for females. Our traditional doboks are used for Taekwondo training and competition, NOT for a “FASHION SHOW”. What happened to TRADITION? I don’t have to wear this dobok to feel nor look like a female. Are we practicing Taekwondo or Yoga? (BTW, I really like yoga.) This designer DOESN’T have the RESPECT for females, only for his male eyes and money. OPPOSE!

  45. Tae Kwon Do is taught and learned all over the world, please consider female muslim Tae Kwon Do-ins as they have to cover their body shape in order to reduce chance of bad things happened to them.

    This uniform is too tempting that I might suddenly get a bunch of perverts as students, and I don’t want that to happen.

  46. What the hell is this designer thinking, when he says that beautiful body shape is a primary consideration here! For goodness sakes give me a break. Uniform is about functionality. Of course women want to look good, but this is the same old sexualisation of women s(&^ that we need an end of. Self defence is not about being sexy. It is about confidence building. Could lycra potentially exclude body shapes or even older women?

  47. This is absolutely horrific. Why should you change tradition in an attempt to sexualize the sport with the lycra suits just to gain a mass market. Furthermore Martial Arts should not be given the niche image that it is only practised by those with a slim figure, Martial Arts are practised by a wide range of people of all different body shapes. To be honest this is just a load of sexism – women should not have to be projected in this sexualised image whilst men continue to wear the traditional suit.

  48. How the hell did you think of this terrible idea? the only thing you do is to cement the sexist prejudices against women that exists in today’s society. Terrible, terrible idea!

  49. This has got to be a joke? Right, guys? As several people already stated why would these developments only be applied to womens dobok? Men don’t need the enhanced fabric technology?

    But what’s even worse is that when an athlete puts on a helmet, body guard and all the other combat gear, and you’re watching the competition from 20 meters, you wont see s**t about the uniform they’re wearing. Worst excuse ever to say that it would make a distinction between the gender categories. Has the designer ever been to a taekwondo match? I’m sorry for being blunt, but this reeks sexism.

  50. The purpose of a martial arts uniform is to make all practitioners uniform! When one dons a dobok, they are entering the way of Taekwondo others have paved before them, and the uniform symbolizes this. Taekwondo does not differentiate between practitioners other than one’s achievements (i.e., instructors’ uniforms and other rank markings). This uniform objectifies female practitioners by emphasizing the feminine body. How is that remotely making them “equal” practitioners in the way of Taekwondo? After reading the “reasons” for adopting this new uniform, there are no clear reasons why men should not wear it as well. Why is it marketed as a “female dobok”? I love the line that it would “show to the world the most modern and innovative martial art and sport.” Apparently, the modern world objectifies women’s bodies and symbolically makes them different from men.

  51. Okay, so… according to Padrós… this new uniform is sooo cool and soo comfortable and allows such freedom of movement that only women will be “blessed” with it???

    2) Adapt the modern fabrics used now in sports to Taekwondo.

    3) Ease and release the body movements in Taekwondo

    4) Adapt the latest medical and computer technologies applied to fabrics.

    5) Improve Taekwondo image in the TV and press.

    Yeah… nice try, badselling the Taekwondo image with hotties squeezed up in a lycra dress. You’re all marketing geniuses, did you know? Wow… using the female body as an advertising strategy, I would have never come up with that.

  52. So… the purpose of women in the martial arts is pleasing “male gaze?” They are sex objects, not serious martial artists? Only women with a certain body type need apply?
    Oh, women are a TREASURE, how precious. How about respecting them as martial artists instead of trying to turn them into T&A shaking ring girls?
    If you are going to make women dress like this, then you better use the same fabric on men, and put them in “Tron Guy” type uniforms. You know, advancement of medical science, freedom of movement! Yeah!

  53. glowing blue environment friendly) . Group of women’s wardrobe for doodle for Nian Qiudong connected with Jean Scott Gaultier 2012/13 it is a fashionable apparel associated with Jean Paul Gaultier! Hair salon is constantly greet to help her inspirational springhead, unhurried can swim cheap lv bags for being not really destroyed having said that indifferently vulnerable as well as fascination

  54. I, personally think this is a great idea! I was in the dojo last night and said I wished they would make a more woman friendly gi. I would love to wear one of these no matter how many people think it is “too sexy”. I am not in it to look “sexy”. If it is comfortable, and not as restricting as the current gi, I am all for it. I am a small woman just under 5 feet tall. The current gi hides my form. It doesn’t accentuate when I lock out my leg in my front stance, it doesn’t show if my arm is straight for a punch or if my elbow is in the right place. Don’t get me wrong, my gi fits just fine. It is just way too baggy. One size fits all does not apply to a smaller woman, and this new lycra gi would enable me to show off my form better during a tournament and not make me feel restricted while sparring. The fact it would show off my physically fit body would also give me more confidence, and to those who think it would distract men too much are wrong. I want to be judged on my form, not my body and in my dojo, I know that it wouldn’t be a distraction. If it is a distraction in someone else’s dojo, maybe they should get a different sensei or go to someplace that isn’t going to be distracted with a physically fit woman who wants to simply be more comfortable while practicing her sport.

  55. I am a 4th Dan and I have been wanting a redesigned womens uniform for the past 5 years! I like the idea about the fabric and black would be good too.

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