PUEBLA 20130

Results step by step, Day 7 – July 21

Partial results of the World Taekwondo Championships. Sunday July 21, Competition for the following categories: LIGHT Female -62 Kg and WELTER Male -80 Kg. Day 07/15 (F-46 Kg. and M-58 Kg.) Day 07/16 (F-49 Kg. and M-74 Kg.) Day 07/17 (F-67 Kg. and M-68 Kg.) Day 07/18 (F-53 Kg., F+73 and M-54 Kg.) Day 07/19 (F-67 Kg., M-87 and M+87 Kg.) Day 07/20 (F-57 Kg., M-87 and M-63 Kg.) masTaekwondo ESPAÑOL  


LIGHT Female -62 Kg.



WELTER Male -80 Kg.




Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com



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