Interview with Myriam Baverel, coach of the French women´s team

MasTaekwondo TV interviewed exclusively Myriam Baverel, France, now considered one of the best coaches on the planet. The French women´s team, on her direction, does not stop going up to the podium. ESPAÑOL

While she was an athlete, Myriam Baverel was an outstanding athlete, at age 19 and with very little practice in Taekwondo qualified for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Later, she became World Champion (Garmisch 2003), Silver Medalist (Athens 2004), Bronze in the World Cup (Lyon 2000) and Bronze in the World University Championships (Berkeley 2002).

In this interview you will know why she changed Ice Skating for Taekwondo, why she left the competition so young,  what she thinks about politics in our sport and how she feels to be considered one of the best coaches on the planet.



Claudio Aranda y Alex Korram, Exclusive

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