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After 34 years Mexico recovers the throne in the men´s category

Led by Uriel Avigdor Adriano, Mexico gets the World´s Gold after Oscar Mendiola got up to the top of the podium in Stuttgart in 1979. Uriel is the seventh Latin American World Champion. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL



Although this medal was the seventh gold for Latin America, we can mention that this was the 58th for Mexico in World Championships: 4 golds, 24 silver and 30 bronze, and the second for Mexico in Puebla, after bronze won by Damian Villa in the Fly división -58 kg on Monday July 15.

Uriel reached the top of the podium in his homeland after defeating in the final Russian Albert Galin by 3-2 in the Light división -74 kg-.  He made a great comeback with a twisting action Tuit Chagui just a few seconds before the end of the match. The Russian began with the advantage of the minimal difference, but Uriel tied the scoreboard very soon.  After trying on several occasions to anticipate to hit the electronic protector he finally got a double point and won the match.  All the Mexican fans, at the stands, were emotionally overflown.

In the semifinal, Avigdor Adriano showed  the Aztec claw winning with authority Korean Kim Yoo In, in a fight in which he never, in his own words, lost his concentration and took the lead from the first assault.

At a press conference Uriel said that the decisive battle, in its opinion, was the one he had with the United Kingdom representative, Ruebyn Richards, a rival whom he already knew and he met at the beginning of the zone medal combat.

As we said, this gold medal meant the seventh to Latin America, four for Mexico (1979 Oscar Mendiola, 2005 Edna Diaz, 2007 Maria Espinoza and Uriel Avigdor Adriano 2013). The remaining three were to José Cedeño, Ecuador in 1982, Natalia Falavigna, Brazil in 2005 and Gessler Viera, Cuba in 2007.




In the women’s final, the Thai Chanatip Sonkham gave a lesson of excellent Taekwondo and defeated 13-0 to Dana Touran of Jordan in a fight that was one-sided from the start, when Asian bronze medalist took two kicks to the face in the first minute and then insisted with another three-point shots.

During the Tuesday competition on July 16th, the overall results were:


LIGHT Male -74 Kg.

1) Uriel Adriano (MEX)

2) Albert Gaun (RUS)

3) Yoo-Jin Kim (KOR)

3) Saifeddine Trabelsi (TUN)

FLY Female -49 Kg.

1) Chanatip Sonkham (THA)

2) Dana Touran (JOR)

3) Yania Aguirre (CUB)

3) Lucija Zaninovic (CRO)


Claudio Aranda, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com



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