NTF Have Implemented a Compulsory Insurance License

Nigeria’s Taekwondo Federation (NTF) have implemented a compulsory Insurance License scheme in a bid to project all fighters, coaches and referees of the federation.


The federation’s president, George Ashiru, has said that the license which shall be renewed annually will bring the NTF in line with international best practices.


“The athlete, coach, and referee licensing scheme is international best practice which the World Taekwondo Federation introduced globally a few years ago. At the national level, we have added the compulsory insurance due to the imperativeness of protection against injuries and related medical emergencies in the course of partaking in national events.” Ashiru said.


Ashiru added that the scheme will go a long way to bring happiness to athletes’ families as it will reduce their worries concerning atheles welfare.


“It gives both the NTF and the players and their families’ peace of mind that they have taken steps to protect their own welfare. It will be renewable annually.”


Source: en.starafrica.com



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