Politics, the first station in Switzerland is working in Lausanne, Switzerland covering the Para-Taekwondo World Championships, the Swiss Open and, of course, Politics, weeks before the WTF Elections. ESPAÑOL

Representative of Singapore together with the president of that country, Milan Kwee, Maria Borello from Guatemala, Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar from Iran, and Ahmed Fouly from Egypt.


Several hotels in Lausanne, known as the “Olympic Capital” due to the fact that the Olympic International Committee has its headquarters in that city, are hosting the most important political personalities of the World Taekwondo Federation.  Current officials and the ones who want a position in the WTF Council are analyzing the different possibilities and options in the next elections to be held in Puebla, México on the occasion of the World Championships.

During the day (Thursday, June 6) most of the delegations and national teams have arrived; the executives will start their meetings tomorrow.

The most notorious absence is Dr. Chungwon Choue as he is returning from New York City where he attended the 3rd International Forum on Sport for Development and Peace.

Friday´s program for the WTF Council Members is a lunch to be held in International Olympic Committee facilities and later the Assembly where important issues will be discussed.

At 17:30 the WTF Demonstration Team will give a show at the Ouchy Station and during the evening the WTF Council will have a special dinner at the Villa d´Asie” in Lausanne.


Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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