Mexico has Confirmed its 16 Athletes for the World Championships

World medalists Maria del Rosario Espinoza (gold in Beijing 2007), Damian Villa (silver in Copenhagen 2009) and Idulio Islas (silver in Copenhagen 2009), top the list of the selected team to represent Mexico. masTaekwondo + SPANISH



The Mexican Taekwondo Federation has reported that after several months of training, camps and participation in international events, the last one carried out last weekend at the Swiss Open, their national team was defined, and is composed of eight women and eight men.

The female team is composed by: Itzel Manjarrez Bastidas (-46 kg.), Jannet Alegría Peña (-49 kg.), Diana Lara Núñez (-53 kg.),Jessica Chávez Rivera (-57 kg.), Melissa Oviedo Cárdenas (-62 kg.), Victoria Heredia Tamez (-67 kg.), María del Rosario Espinoza Espinoza(-73 kg.) and Briseida Acosta Balarezo (+73 kg.).

The male team is composed by: César Román Rodríguez Hernández (-54 kg.), Damián Villa Valadez (-58 kg.), Abel Mendoza Mora (-63 kg.),Idulio Islas Gómez (-68 kg.), Uriel Avigdor Adriano Ruiz (-74 kg.), René Lizárraga Valenzuela (-80 kg.), Christian Alvarado Estrella (-87 kg.) and Ocelotzin Sánchez Enríquez (+87 kg.).

The coach team for both national teams for the World Championships Puebla 2013 to be held from July 15 up to 21 will be: Gülsah Alonso TapiaBang Young InPedro Ignacio Gato Cruz and Rosendo Alonso Tapia.

The Federation reported that all members of the Taekwondo national team will continue their training in the Mexican Olympic Sports Center (CDOM), and from July 8 they will be in the city of Puebla, venue of the World Championships.

Among preparation plans there could be dual meet among teams like South Korea, China, the Netherlands and Italy who will be on camping in the CDOM.

“It is a big relief to know that there is a confirmation because now our work can be focused on the 15th (of July), which is when my category competes, we will work very hard during these two weeks so we can get there in the best way possible”, said Damian Villa, World Sub Champion 2009, Central American Sub Champion 2010 and Pan American Sub Champion 2011.

The 22 years old fighter, along with Idulio Islas are the male team members with greater international experience, which means no extra pressure for them.

“Idulio and I had the experience of a world medal, and the experience of 2011, where he didn’t attend and I was ninth, so this is what we should use as motivation for us and for the kids, to avoid what happened in Korea two years ago, we will do our best to get a great score”.

Villa Valadez and Itzel Manjarrez will be the first Mexicans to come into action in the World Championships on the opening day at the Convention and Exhibitor Center of Puebla.


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