ETU Elections underway

To be held in August, the European Taekwondo Union elections are underway. In recent information released by ETU, they detail the official candidate list. ESPAÑOL

Athanasios Pragalos


In a letter sent by the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) it was reported that all applications were carefully studied by the Election Committee and then the official list of candidates approved unanimously.

ETU also reported that the election process this 2013 that will be held during the ETU General Assembly next August, will be governed by the WTF Elections Bylaw. According to the ETU Statutes, a simple majority is needed to approve the resolutions and decisions. Therefore, to elect the president, vice president, members of the Council and the Auditor, it will only be needed a simple majority (50% plus one). presents the official list:


Mr. Sakis Pragalos, Greece


Mr. Franjo Prot, Croatia

Mr. Roger Piarulli, France

Mr. Michail Fyzentzidis, Greece

Mr. Igor Iuzefovici, Moldova

Mr. Anatoly Terekhov, Russian Federation

Mr. Jesus Castellanos, Spain

Mr. Metin Sahin, Turkey

Council Member

Mr. Norbert Mosch, Austria

Mr. Nagi Safarov, Azerbaijan

Mr. Andrei Georgiev, Bulgaria

Mr. Phivos Christou, Cyprus

Mr. Thomas Holt, Denmark

Mr. Stefan Karri, Germany

Mr. Adrian Tranter, Great Britain

Mr. Miklos Patakfalvy, Hungary

Mr. Gerry Joyce, Ireland

Mr. Angelo Cito, Italy

Mr. Artiom Gheneralov, Moldova

Mr. Gerrit Eissink, Netherlands

Mr. Constantin Apostol, Romania

Mr. Evgeny Kluychnikov, Russian Federation

Mr. Ferenc Boo, Sweden

Mr. Oktay Duymza, Turkey

Mr. Lesik Samadzhiya, Ukraine



Mr. Juanjo Padros, Andorra

Mr. Istvan Rajkai, Hungary


Beatriz Rodriguez, Team