Athletes may choose in which Olympic weight division to sum ranking points

This important news means that a particular athlete, competing in a world weight division, may choose in which Olympic category to accumulate the points he gets in the different events he competes. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL



So far, if a competitor participated in a World championship, e.g. Fin division (-54 Kg), his points in the Olympic Ranking would be added to the Fly division (-58 Kg) and if a competitor during an Olympic Cycle event fought in Fly division (-58 Kg), but in other “non Olympic” competitions wanted to compete in the Bantam division (-63 kg),  he would lose the points got in the Fly division, as these would have been added to the Feather division (-68 kg).

Now the changes in the WTF Ranking rules approved by the WTF Executive Council recently at its meeting in Switzerland say the following:

“Given the difference between Senior Weight Division and Olympic Weight Divisions, an athlete may choose the Olympic Weight Division in which he/she will compete and will be ranked for the next two years starting from the biannual WTF World Taekwondo Championships”

“An athlete shall be requested to submit an application form for choice of his/her Olympic Weight Division by the designated date set by the WTF before the start of the World Taekwondo Championships”

Once the request is approved by the WTF, all ranking points recorded in the different senior weight division as well as in the Olympic weight division shall be collected into one and will be recorded in the Olympic weight division chosen by the athlete.  This is information is of much importance to a lot of athletes, as it is very difficult to maintain the Olympic weight division for all the events, and the main problem was that the athletes failed to maintain the weight category, the points would be added in a different category.  Let´s not forget that the best ranked athletes in the Olympic WTF Ranking will be directly classified to the Olympics.

It is also important to note that if the athlete does not send the corresponding form request to the WTF, ranking points will be recorded as usual, and it is possible that an athlete may be ranked in more than one Olympic weight category, losing important ranking points.

If the athlete does not send the form request indicating in which Olympic category wants to accumulate points, the record will be made as follows:


-54 Kg. y -58 Kg. = -58 Kg.

-63 Kg. y -68 Kg. = -68 Kg.

-74 Kg. y -80 Kg. = -80 Kg.

-87 Kg. y +87 Kg. = +80 Kg.

-46 Kg. y -49 Kg. = -49 Kg.

-53 Kg. y -57 Kg. = -57 Kg.

-62 Kg. y -67 Kg. = -67 Kg.

-73 Kg. y +73 Kg. = +67 Kg.


How points shall be awarded in the World and Olympic Ranking?

According to the new rules approved by the WTF Council, ranking points shall be awarded to certain ranked athletes as follows:

G-1 Event:  Medalists only

G-2 – G-4 Events:  Quarterfinalists and medalists only

G-12:  Round of 16, quarterfinalists, and medalists only

G- 8 and G-20:  All competitors


What are the new criteria for ranking events?

G-20: Olympic Games

G-12: WTF World Taekwondo Championships.

G-8: Grand Prix Final.

G-4: Grand Prix Series, Continental Championships and Continental Multi-sports games  (4-year cycle).

G-2: Universiade and CISM World Games and WTF G2 Open tournaments

G-1: WTF G1 tournaments, World University Championships, Multi-Sport Games, World Military Championships.



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