USA Taekwondo National Team training in Madrid

As they travelled to Spain to participate in the Spanish Open, they stayed for ten more days training in the Madrid CAR (Madrid High Performance Training Center). ESPAÑOL



The USA Taekwondo National Team brought to Spain outstanding athletes, among them Olympic medalists as:  Terrence Jennings, Paige McPherson, Marc López, Diana López, and the five-time World Champion and two-time Olympic Silver medalist Steven López.

The Madrid High Performance Center was the place in which athletes from both National Teams trained from May 6 to May 13.

According to the information received from Marco Carreira Corredoira, Royal Spanish National Team Coach and responsible of the center:  “The North American athletes shared daily training sessions with scholarships athletes from this center and from the Madrid Taekwondo Federation, making rounds of combats last Saturday”, said Carreira to

“The experience has been very positive for the athletes and coaches as well.  There has been an excellent connection between athletes from both countries.  We really hope that this kind of sports exchange programs continues” finally said coach Carreira.




The USA Taekwondo National Team is formed as follows:

Technical Staff and Delegates:

Meredith Miller

Patrice Remarck

Juan Moreno

Sherman Nelson

Jason Poos

Bruce Harris

John McAfee

Kristin Saunders



Gigi Gil

Charlotte Craig

Aziza Chambers

Nicole Palma

Diana López

Paige McPherson

Lauren Cahoon

LaShondra Rawls

James Howe

Olie burton

Terrence Jennings

Mark López

Steven López

Jason Neville

Abel Valdivia


After finishing the combats planned for Saturday May 11, the USA delegation made a touristic visit to the city of Segovia.


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