All set for the 4th. World Para-taekwondo Championship

The 4th World Para-Taekwondo Championship will be held on June 8, 2013 in Lausanne, Switzerland and masTaekwondo.com will bring you the entire event live.  Following we present you more details about this event. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL


Para-Taekwondo is a discipline not really explored yet, as it is shown, this year it will take place the fourth edition of this championship.  masTaekwondo.com presents to you details of the event itself and details of the discipline, as well.

We start by mentioning that the 4th World Para-Taekwondo Championship will be held along with the Swiss Open on June 8-9, 2013 at the “Centre Sportif de Grand-Vennes” in Lausanne, Switzerland. Then we would ask who can participate in this event. The WTF establishes the following criteria:

  • Holder of the nationality of the participating team
  • Recommended by the Member National Taekwondo Association of the WTF
  • Keup (3rd Keup or higher) or Kukkiwon Dan/Poom certificate aged 17 and above, based on the year of 2013 (only the year, not the day and month is counted).

To make the last criterion mentioned above clearer, it should be noted that the 3rd Keup regards to the red belt holders, so athletes with red belt can compete; this is in order to give more promotion and more participation in the Para-Taekwondo activities.

Regarding the regulations and norms for this discipline, we firstly can mention the classification of the competitors:


  • Classification A5-6:  Amputation above Elbow (s)
    • A5: Amputation of both limbs above the elbows
    • A6: Amputation of one limb above the elbow
  • Classification A7-8:  Amputation below Elbow (s)
    • A7: Amputation of both limbs below the elbows
    • A8: Amputation of one limb below the elbow



In the competition itself we find the following differences in the competition rules:

  • Hitting the head is prohibited.  The referee will penalize the athlete in this case.
  • The duration of the combat will be three rounds of one minute each; one minute of rest between each round.
  • The referee has the power to decide the winner in case of obvious superiority of one of the athletes.
  • The weight categories are the ones used in the Olympics:  Men:  -58 kg, -68 kg, -80 kg and over 80 kg.  Women:  Women: -49 kg, -57 kg, -67 kg and over 67 kg.

It should be noted that these weight divisions may vary according to the number of participants per division and based on the final classification the WTF Medical Committee may do.

masTaekwondo.com brings you these details so you can have a better idea of this discipline and for you to be attentive for masTaekwondo.com live coverage from the Olympic City of Lausanne.


Alex Korram, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com