The 5th World Youth Taekwondo Camp

The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) plans to hold the 5th World Youth Taekwondo Camp in close cooperation with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 2013. The camp will be held during seven days from on July 22-28, 2013 in Seoul and Muju, Republic of Korea.


The objectives of the camp are:

  • To provide the world youth with high-level Taekwondo training and education of Taekwondo spirit
  • To educate them on Olympic values and ideals
  • To provide them with a chance for exchanges in sport and culture and understanding diverse cultures among the participants
  • To help them lead a healthy life physically and spiritually and thus, contribute to betterment of their communities, countries, and the world


Those who are interested must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Taekwondo practitioners / athletes aged from14 to 20
  2. Holders of Kukkiwon Poom / Dan grade
  3. Recommended by Member National Associations of the WTF
  4. Number of participants: maximum 200 practitioners / athletes



Source: WTF



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