Taekwondo Canada denies rumors about the return of Marlene Harnois

After Marlene Harnois´ statements were published about her wish to leave the French National Team alleging abuses, the Taekwondo Canada denies rumors of her possible comeback to the Canadian Taekwondo. ESPAÑOL



2013-05-31_(60501)x_taekwondo_canada_logoIn a statement posted in the official webpage of Taekwondo Canada it is informed that there are several rumor circulating in different media indicating that there is a possibility that Harnois represents Canada at the upcoming World Taekwondo Championships, after she quitted the French National Team with which she won a Bronze Medal during last London 2012 Olympic Games, warning that those rumors are false and that Marlene has been misquoted.

“Ms. Harnois reached out to Canadian Taekwondo Federation regarding her potential return to taekwondo should she decide to continue with the sport in the future; however, no further requests or actions have been taken by either party on this matter and there is no evidence to support the claim or rumors that Marlene will compete for Canada at the World Championships”, says the statement.

According to the statement, the athletes that make up the Canadian National Team were announced last May 9, 2013 and Harnois was not in that list. There are a number of processes that have to be carried out, with involvement of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canada Taekwondo and the athlete herself, so she could return to Canadian taekwondo; however it is not possible in the short term. “Our immediate focus is our Canadian athletes and podium performance at the World Championships and we will not be deterred from that focus,” stated Taekwondo Canada’s CEO, Eva Havaris.

On the other hand, Harnois said:  “Indeed, I expressed the wish to join the Canadian team of taekwondo. At the time, I inquired about the competitions identified in the selection criteria qualifying to represent Canada at the upcoming World Championships. I was exploring the possibility to participate at the Canada Open but I did not pursue that approach.”

“As of today, I have not yet confirmed my intention to officially come back and fight for Canada. Finally, I wish to sincerely thank Taekwondo Canada for the support and respect of the sport, as well as the objectivity the senior leadership has shown in this and the Olympic values they embody,” added Ms. Harnois.

Taekwondo Canada ended its statement by wishing Harnois good luck in the process resolution she is currently having with the French Federation.



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