Samson Maman: “Dr. Choue put Malaysia under the same roof”

MasTaekwondo.com interviewed exclusively Mr. Samson Mamam from Malaysia just hours before knowing who will be the candidates to fill the positions in the WTF Council. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL

The various alternatives for the WTF presidency will be officially known soon, for that reason masTaekwodno.com continues to find out the opinions of different Taekwondo leaders around the world.  In this opportunity we talked with the Vice President of the Malaysia Taekwondo Federation, who, from Kuala Lumpur kindly gave us his comments:


Samson Maman_MALASIA-As you well know the WTF elections are around the corner.  What do you think about Dr. Choue running for reelection?

Well, I can answer that question very simply and shortly:  We will support Dr. Choue one hundred percent.  He has done an excellent job in our sport around the world and undoubtedly he is the right person to continue leading the institution.


What do you think about the results of Dr. Choue ‘s leadership during these past years?

Undoubtedly, Dr. Choue and his team have brought innovative proposals to our sport and they listened the needs and weakness of our sport around the world.  I am sure that we are on the right track to reach a larger taekwondo community in our country as well as in other member nations.  He has always shown interest in the situation of taekwondo in our country and he has made efforts to unite taekwondo family.  We all will support Dr. Choue unconditionally.


What specifically mean Dr. Choue for Malaysia?

He is a visionary.  He has collaborated with taekwondo development in our country.  There is no other better person to lead us.  As I said to you, he is someone who has fought to maintain the harmony among all the nation members, and our country is no exception.  We lived five years of internal conflicts; we were divided in different groups not only in the nation, but in taekwondo itself.  There were three groups, so we decided to call Dr. Choue to solve the situation.  He immediately came over and gave us tools and the necessary support.  We are now on the right track again, restructuring the institution.  Dr. Choue put Malaysia under the same roof with great success.  We have felt the WTF is taking care of us.


Do you consider there is opposition for Dr. Choue?

There may be some people who do not agree with Dr. Choue’s reelection, but no one can take him away the merit of the great amount of achievements during the last years in the WTF.  The truth is that we need him.  We need a person just like him to lead our sport; he has the ideal personality.


Thanks for your time Mr. Samson. Would you like to add something else?

I would like to reiterate that we will support Dr. Choue.  All of us in Malaysia are very happy with his work and his running for reelection.

I also want to thank masTaekwondo.com to contribute in the promotion and development of our sport.



Alex Korram, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com




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