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Puebla wants to host the best World Taekwondo Championships ever

Puebla is ready to receive the 2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships; as it has been said many times, this event will mark the history of the sport. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL



Eduardo Rivera Perez, President of the City Hall in Puebla, said that this event is historical for Puebla and the whole State itself, due to the high level of athletes that will gather.

The Mayor commented that three “Poblanos” (people who are from Puebla) are making his efforts to be part of the National Team that will represent Mexico in this World Championships:  Margarita Espinosa, and the brothers Damián and Gustavo Villa.

Additionally he informed that the Opening Ceremony will be held on July 14 and among other activities the organizing committee is doing is recruitment of volunteers for each competition area, registration of WTF affiliated MNA´s, launching of social network pages and promotional activities to make public this event.

During his speech, State Governor Mr. Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas recognized that thanks to the joint collaboration of the three government institutions the goals have been reached and all of them are working hard and making efforts so Puebla hosts the best World Championships ever.

“This project is part of the vision to put Puebla in the place it deserves among the Mexican states and in the world. It is a commitment of the state and federal authorities to boost the sport, too.”

On the other hand, he also said that never before an international projection of this magnitude had been done and a 31% increase of visitors to the city is expected during the event; people will have the opportunity to get to know Puebla´s history, culture, traditions and its extraordinary gastronomy.  It will be projected to the rest of the world in a short, mid and long term.

The World Taekwondo Championships are considered the most important event of the sport, only one step under the Olympic Games, and this time it will gather athletes from 160 countries and Mexico expects to consolidate as one of the best in this sport.

It was in 1999 when the American continent received a sports event of this magnitude.  But this is the first time Mexico hosts such an important and big event, which is why the organizing committee is working hard so that these will be remembered as the best World Taekwondo Championships ever.



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