México, in the eyes of Taekwondo global community

According to Juan Manuel López, President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, México has become the “The Capital City of Taekwondo” due to the various international events to be held in this country starting this July. ESPAÑOL



“Mexico is experiencing a significant period for taekwondo. All the work and effort has given us the opportunity to be considered the “capital city of taekwondo”.  We will host important international events as the WTF World Taekwondo Championships, Puebla 2013” said.

He added that this championship is one of the most important that Mexico has hosted ever, and it is thanks to the effort and work in the administrative area, as well as in the sports area, since Mexican athletes are among the best in the international tournaments.

Another international event that will be held in the Azteca land will be the Pan-American International Open Championship that will be held in Queretaro and the Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz in 2014.

“We are close to get the nomination to host the World Poomsae Championships that would be held in Aguascalientes in 2014.  Additionally, strong efforts are being made so Mexico can be the host of one series of the WTF Grand Prix in 2014, too”.

Lopez Delgado said that if all plans are accomplished, Mexico would complete one of the best periods of Mexican taekwondo history of all times.

We know we must continue working and make efforts so that everything turns out as planned.  I am convinced and satisfied of the work we are doing for the development of our sport”.


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