Ireno Fargas and CAR La Loma change their e-mail address

CAR La Loma has sent masTaekwondo.com important information about the change of e-mail address in order to contact Master Ireno Fargas. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL

For all Taekwondo community, and to the large number of emails requesting information on the World Training Camp to be held in the CAR La Loma from 12 June to 12 July, and for other events and future communications, please note that the address fargas40@hotmail.com  is no longer in use, so please write to the new e-mail address:


2013-05-25_(60292)x_LA-LOMA-Centro-Deportivo_Logo-If you have sent any messages to the old e-mail address during the last week, please resend it to the above mentioned.

Ireno Fargas Fernandez

Director de Alto Rendimiento CAR La Loma

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

+52  444 8256032






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