Great Registration Discount for Taekwondo University

Thanks to an important international agreement made between Hwashin University and masTaekwondo.com, students who register before May 21 will have access to a 30% discount.

masTaekwondo.com + SPANISH




According to current values, to which can be accessed by clicking here, all students who register before May 21 and mention masTaekwondo.com, will have a 30% discount on the final payment of their registration to the Korean Culture, Language and Martial Arts Bachelor’s Degree.


Also those who would like to apply for the Martial Arts & Combat Sports Excellency Diploma (MACSED) may have a 20% discount.


This is a significant advance carried out by masTaekwondo.com Training Department towards the academic development for all Taekwondo practitioners of the American continent and the whole world.


masTaekwondo.com is convinced that human development through a professional career and the constant learning is the best investment we can do for ourselves, making this the only way we can increase our most valuable asset: intellectual capital.



Matías Rojas, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas




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