Forty-One official candidates are looking for the WTF Council positions

A few minutes ago, the World Taekwondo Federation informed the official list of the candidates to fill the positions in the WTF Council for the 2013-2017 period. ESPAÑOL

xxx_masTaekwondo_LOGO-WTF_250The WTF, through its Ad-Hoc Elections Committee announced today the list of candidates for the upcoming 2013 Elections of Officials, which will be held in Puebla, Mexico, on 14 July 2013.

Forty-one candidates from all five continents are set to run in the elections to decide the positions of WTF President, WTF Vice-President, WTF Council Members and WTF Auditor for the 2013-2017 period.

“Candidates will be looking to build on the innovative work already done by the federation to evolve taekwondo into a more dynamic and more exciting competition for both athletes and fans”, explained one WTF representative.

The Ad-hoc Election Committee, leaded by Ivan Dibos, stressed the WTF´s commitment to carry out these elections with extreme transparency. “I am very pleased to announce the candidates for the upcoming elections of the WTF that will take place on the occasion of the WTF World Taekwondo Championships in Puebla, Mexico.  The Ad-hoc Election Committee has done an in-depth, thorough review of all of the applicants. The committee members are an exceptional group and have done an incredible job at taking an objective look at all of the materials”.

“We were certain to maintain the highest level of standards set forth by the WTF Election by-laws and Ethics Code which in turn follows the standards of the Olympic family. I am confident that each of the candidates will follow all by-laws and guidelines that have been published on the WTF homepage and sent to them”, explained Mr. Dibos.

Additionally, WTF informed that this information may change; any modification will be published in the WTF Official web and of course, will keep you up dated.



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List of Candidates for the 2013 Elections of Officials:


For WTF President

Chungwon Choue (WTF President)

Moon-Jong Hong (Korea Taekwondo Association Council Member)


For WTF Vice Presidents

Ahmed Mohamed Fouly (WTF Vice President)

Kamaladdin Heydarov (WTF Vice President)

Sun Jae Park (WTF Vice President)


For WTF Council Members

Africa: Driss El Hilali (WTF Council Member)

Africa: Issaka Ide (WTF Council Member)

Asia: Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa Al Sulaiti (WTF Council Member)

Asia: Barghash Khaled Al-Jenfawi (Kuwait Judo & Taekwondo Federation, Secretary General)

Asia: Jun Dong (Chinese Taekwondo Association Vice President)

Asia: Deep Raj Gurung (Nepal Taekwondo Association Secretary General)

Asia: Sung Chon Hong (WTF Council Member)

Asia: Kook Hyun Jung (Korea Taekwondo Association Council Member)

Asia: Abbos Latipov (Uzbekistan Taekwondo Association Secretary General)

Asia: Kyu Seok Lee (WTF Council Member)

Asia: Moafak Mohammed Monasser (Yemen Taekwondo Federation President)

Asia: Hazem Ahmad Awwad Naimat (Jordan Taekwondo Federation Vice President)

Asia: Hani Kamal Najm (Saudi Arabian Judo & Taekwondo President)

Asia: Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar (WTF Council Member)

Asia: Iftikhar Ahmad Tabassum (Pakistan Taekwondo Federation President)

Asia: Dirc Richard Talumewo (Indonesia Taekwondo Association Secretary General)

Asia: Mr. Ngoc De Truong (Vietnam Taekwondo Federation President)

Europe: Jesus Castellanos Pueblas (WTF Council Member)

Europe: Chakir Chelbat (Swedish Taekwondo Federation President)

Europe: Martin Fleming (Irish Taekwondo Union President)

Europe: Michael Fysentzidis (Hellenic Taekwondo Federation Secretary General)

Europe: Roger Piarulli (WTF Council Member)

Europe: Franjo Prot (Croatian Taekwondo Federation President)

Europe: Metin Sahin (WTF Council Member)

Europe: Anatoly Terekhov (WTF Council Member)

Europe: Adrian Tranter (British Taekwondo President)

Oceania: Tae Kyung Kim (WTF Council Member)

Oceania: John Kotsifas (Sports Taekwondo Australia President)

Pan America: Maria Rosario Borello (WTF Council Member)

Pan America: Su Hwan Chung (Taekwondo Canada President)

Pan America: Bruce Harris (USA Taekwondo Interim CEO)

Pan America: Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado (Mexican Taekwondo Federation President)

Pan America: Mario Mandel Vaisman (WTF Council Member)

Pan America: Dai Won Moon (WTF Council Member)


For WTF Auditors

Dalibor Krpan (WTF Auditor)

Ali Sagirkaya (WTF Auditor)






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